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Electric Cars Can Increase Pedestrian Injuries

Victims of electric car accidents don't have to suffer alone. Attorneys can help clients find justice and earn the financial compensation they deserve.

"The increasingly untested field of electric cars can put innocent lives in danger. Strong Law is there to help whenever accidents occur and will fight to make sure more don't happen in the future."

    EVERETT, WA, September 20, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Car accidents are already looming threats for drivers and passengers everywhere. The last people that should have to worry about being harmed by a vehicle are innocent pedestrians, yet they may find themselves in danger with certain electric cars when they are released onto the market without extensive testing.

One need look no further than Tesla, one of the largest and most popular producers of electric vehicles, to see that driver-assisted technology was reportedly responsible for almost 400 crashes in the last year alone. Crashes like these can affect pedestrians as well as riders. Without the protection of seatbelts, airbags or windshields, pedestrians can suffer much more serious injuries or even death in these incidents.

"Washington is a tort state, meaning that the driver that caused the accident pays for any injuries or deaths they caused," says Jed Strong of Strong Law. "We ensure guilty parties face the consequences of their actions so their victims can have peace of mind."

Washington State Attorney Defends Victims of Electric Car Accidents

The law can become muddled when driver-assisted technology fails and when elements — such as intoxication while driving — complicate accident cases. The deadly combination of electric cars and impaired driving has already claimed lives, and without proper representation, cases like these can go unnoticed and unresolved. If electric cars can increase pedestrian injuries, pedestrians need to have unfettered access to attorneys that will fight for their rights.

In anticipation of increased accidents due to careless drivers and/or electric car malfunctions, the attorneys at Strong Law have stepped up efforts to spread awareness of accident victims' rights.

"Whether the accident involved an electric or gas-powered car, we're there to help our clients figure out what they're entitled to," states Strong.

With a 98% win rate and having helped families earn millions through accident cases, Strong Law has never been more dedicated to the pursuit of justice.

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Strong Law is a firm of dedicated, experienced attorneys serving the people of Tacoma and Everett, WA, and Portland and Eugene, OR. The firm specializes in providing powerful advocacy for victims of moving vehicle accidents to receive the compensation that they deserve. Jed Strong is the primary attorney and founder of Strong Law.

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