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Smart Nozzle to Go with Only Fewer Firefighters

Launching on the global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo

    NEW YORK, NY, September 24, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The firefighting equipment specialized manufacturing company FINO FIRE INC will be launching 'Smart Nozzle' for firefighters on the global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

When firefighters use general nozzles, they feel the rebound very strongly. Because of this rebounding, firefighters work hard to control the nozzle to correctly target the fire. In many cases, a team of firefighters work together to control the fire hose. It is a waste of physical strength while firefighters use their stamina all on controlling the hose when their real focus must be on fire.

Interestingly, the Smart Nozzle by FINO FIRE INC eliminates torque and all upward recoil which would lessen the burden of firefighters. The FINO FIRE INC's patented technology used a special water pressure adjusting the cartridge to eliminate all the upward recoil, leaving only the downward recoil. The recoil would be reduced up to about 30 percent.

Since Smart Nozzle eliminated upper recoil, it didn't need to have the ball valve for emergency shut off. Therefore, the weight of it is much lighter than the general nozzles. By using the anodizing plate that forms its own oxidation film, the nozzle is impervious to salt which can be also used in marine environments. The durability of a nozzle is the most important factor when it comes to saving lives. Not only the durability but also the usability for a firehose nozzle, this is Smart Nozzle by FINO FIRE INC.

A real good news for a layperson who is new to firefighting. Unlike the other nozzles that have complex instruction, Smart Nozzle is good for the firefighting beginners. Its lightweight is also good for house residents to water their gardens, the convenient design is useful for easy handling. If it is placed in a company, you would be able to quickly react to the unexpected fire. Although the fire was not completely put out by it, this will make sure make the least safety and make enough time for the actual firefighters to get to the place.

Smart Nozzle will be available on Indiegogo in the coming month of September for a discounted price. You can check out more detailed information on the official Indiegogo website.

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