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"Kings And Generals" Voicing Ukraine's History And War Facts

Kings And Generals, a recognized YouTube channel, covers the war in Ukraine and provides the most detailed monthly information and a peak in Ukraine's rich history.

    ATLANTA, GA, September 26, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The YouTube channel Kings and Generals, which people have been watching for years to know more about history, politics, and history, is now actively covering Ukraine's current situation. The monthly Vlogs provide factual details regarding Ukraine's war and troops' movement.

With the beginning of the Ukraine war, this YouTube channel initiated a project that consisted of monthly video sharing updates. The aim was to argue the recent statements by Russia's president Vladimir Putin implying that Ukraine has no historical standing. Simultaneously Kings and Generals used their voices to educate people about the history of Ukraine, collaborating with some well-known history YouTubers.

The famous historical animated documentary series by Kings and Generals on the history of the medieval era includes a video on the origins of Ukrainians. The video highlights the identity of Ukraine as a nation that traces back to Kyivan Rus and the kingdom of Ruthenia. The documentary even touches on the Mongol period.

The series of videos by Kings and Generals offers a remarkable insight into the Russo-Ukrainian War beginning in 2022. An incredibly detailed documentary shows how Putin's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has continued since February 24 and how the events have unfolded until now. The channel is also raising funds for supporting the people of Ukraine as their situation worsens.

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About Kings and Generals
Kings and Generals is a YouTube channel launched on March 4, 2017. The platform is known for producing historical animated documentaries and assisting viewers in visualizing history and learning from the past. The YouTube channel collaborates with well-known entertainment companies such as Netflix, Paradox Interactive, Audible, Sega, and others. Their series related to the Battle of Kosovo went viral in 2017. In addition, the channel began focusing more on multi-episode arcs rather than standalone history videos. Kings and Generals now host two podcasts, Age of Conquest and The Pacific War. Kings and Generals launched their second YouTube channel, The Cold War, in March 2019, and Wizards and Warriors will launch in 2021.

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