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The ROM Technologies Company Has Licensed Professionals Review the PortableConnect

The PortableConnect from ROM Technologies is reviewed by many doctors in the surgery recovery industry.

    NEW HAVEN, CT, September 26, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- ROM Technologies, known for providing the modern technology of rehabilitation, recently had its patented PortableConnect device reviewed by several licensed professionals around the United States. Early reviews have been extremely positive, as doctors have begun recommending it more and more to patients recovering from major knee, hip, and ankle surgery.

To get real feedback from doctors, ROMTech presents The Rapid Recovery Report. A lot of general topics are covered by each show's guest doctor. The report is a great way for the general public to know the latest news and information in the industry.

ROMTech tries to set up interviews with many doctors to get different perspectives. All interviews are posted on YouTube, while the transcripts go directly on RomTech's website.

Doctors have been very quick to praise the ease of use of portable connect. Doctors know many topics, but utilizing technology isn't always the easiest. ROMTech made it easy for doctors and patients to use on their end to get all the information they need.

According to doctors who've worked with PortableConnect for a while, recovery time results also have shown outstanding promise. New technology comes and goes, but it's rare to see that amount of improvement by making any change.

The final main talking point for doctors involves the amount of time saved. The PortableConnect setup not only helps out patience by saving them time but doctors as well.

If the technology works as it should, it's much easier to handle an appointment through video than in person. There's a chance that more and more doctors will work remotely and provide help similar to what PortableConnect uses in the future.

Doctors continue to monitor not only how the PortableConnect performs, but they also pay attention to patient reviews. If patients are enjoying how the rehab process is going with the device, it's worth recommending over and over again. Feeling motivated to reach goals faster with ROMTech keeps many patients dedicated.

More information on PortableConnect can be found on Specific details on the technology are posted on the website. There's also a listing of every episode of The Rapid Recovery Report under the News tab. All current locations featuring the PortableConnect for patients make the website as well.

About ROM Technologies

ROM Technologies, LLC is the company behind PortableConnect. Focused on creating modern technology to enhance rehabilitation, they continue to work on options that make remote rehab a reality.

The company dedicated time and energy to developing a solution that benefits both the doctor and the patient. Now available throughout the United States, PortableConnect strives to make a difference in the rehabilitation world.

Patients can request more information directly from ROMTech, or by communicating with their doctor.

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