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Despite Claims of Democracy, Taiwan's Violation of Human Rights Remains Under the Microscope in upcoming Documentary

An America, the notable Father of Chinese Cubism Art, is being held against his wishes in a Taiwan Nursing Home

"It is abominable how he is treated by Aiai Nursing Home Taipei, and no American should be subject to such treatment."

    SANTA BARBARA, CA, September 27, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A 45-year-old daughter leaves her home in New York on a mission to challenge a system riddled with censorship and bureaucracy to secure the release of her 80-year-old American father from inhumane care, "It is abominable how he is treated by Aiai Nursing Home Taipei, and no American should be subject to such treatment," says the legal complaint filed in Taipei City.

This is the world of Pei-Lan, who since 2019, working with attorneys in the U.S. and Taiwan, has been fighting for the release of her father, Professor Ku, Ping-Hsing and return him home to New York. Unlike America, a true democracy, where the freedom of speech gives a citizen the right to question authority, openly question one's healthcare, and even challenge family members who are financially and medically abusing the system. Pei-Lan, despite being an American visitor in Taiwan, is being harassed and legally threatened for her outspokenness. She chides her American mother, and brother, a U.S. naval officer, who moved her father to a country where they could control his life. The mother, being the daughter of a former Taiwanese military officer carries influence and allowed the system to give her control. She has issued written threats against her daughter that consequences are eminent using her connections if she pursues efforts to return the Professor home to America.

However, in Taiwan, as Pei-Lan has been outspoken with the government's censorship and criticism of her family's derelict of duties, she has been forced to stay and fight for his release despite being legally censored on several occasions. In fact, the U.S. State Department is clear that existence of criminal libel laws are the anthesis of freedom of speech in a democracy and carry this censorship across social media with defensive commentary and fabricated ratings of quality care. This censorship holds its citizenship with little recourse when abuse is at hand. In fact, Pei-Lan's mother, an American citizen, and her brother a Captain in the U.S. Navy have purposely chosen to leave Professor Ku in Taiwan in order to control not only his health but his assets including the immeasurable art collection being held in Taiwan. According to representatives at the National Taiwan Normal University, they are aligned with preserving Professor Ku's artwork for the sake of honoring his contribution to Chinese Cubism. If NTNU can receive the artwork for identification and organization then the possibility of an exhibition internationally in his honor would be forthcoming.

Pei-Lan, as the only daughter of this renowned artist, battles the same human rights that have been questioned by Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State and Congressman Ted Lieu of California. Taiwan receives tremendous support from the U.S. including $200 billion in export orders. The human rights issues remain on the forefront despite visits from the U.S. Congressional delegations to Taiwan praising their so-called democracy.

The documentary's objective is to define and clarify the meaning of "democracy" in Taiwan and what the U.S. mandate will be regarding the rights of Americans in Taiwan. The ATIII company principal has been the recipient of multiple Emmy's, Associated Press Awards, and provided research for various notable news organizations as CNN and CBS 60 Minutes.

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