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From Home to Business, SimpleSENCE Is Riding a Wave of Success

For Residential or Commercial Use, the Simple, Inexpensive WiFi Device Is Saving Customers Huge Dollars in Potential Water Damage

"When we first envisioned the device, we knew it had to be simple. Simple to set up, simple to use, simple everything."

    OCEANSIDE, CA, October 05, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- You'd be hard-pressed to find a product more aptly named than the SimpleSENCE Water Leak Detector.

"When we first envisioned the device, we kept thinking, 'It's got to be simple.' Simple to set up, simple to use, simple everything," said Joe Alfrey, CEO of Sencentric, Inc., the parent company that produces SimpleSENCE and a leading innovator in the design and development of environmental sensing technology within the logistics and cold chain industries. "We just wanted it to detect water leaks or freezing conditions that could lead to burst pipes. That's it."

Alfrey knew that there were a number of competitive water leak detectors on the market. Some had more functionality and could even be used to shut off the water main in the event of a leak. But again, Alfrey decided on "simple."

"Detectors that can close the water main are up to seven times more expensive than SimpleSENCE," he noted. "And they need to connect to some kind of home automation hub. We wanted a device at a much lower price point that would do one thing: detect water leaks."

With SimpleSENCE's introduction in 2015, it was mission accomplished. The device runs off WiFi, which virtually everyone has in their home. It requires no additional equipment or wiring. It can be set up by consumers who don't have a technological bone in their body and easily paired to a downloadable smartphone app. Notifications come by email, text or both.

And because SimpleSENCE connects to the router only about twice every 25 hours, it is virtually unhackable.

The simplicity of the device – as well as its effectiveness – proved to have strong appeal in the marketplace, especially among consumers reticent to make any investment in a smart home ecosystem or even a hub; they just wanted a simple solution to a common household problem.

Looking to improve on its success, SimpleSENCE introduced Capteur two years ago. Using the same base unit as its foundation, Capteur comes equipped with a fully-sensing, three-foot "tail" that can feel moisture all along its length. This increased the device's detection area up to 15' by connecting up to 5 tails together, allowing the homeowner to respond more quickly to a water event.

It was only a matter of time before Alfrey realized that business owners could also appreciate the benefits of early water leak detection. And thus was born SimpleSENCE Enterprise. While the unit itself remained the same as the residential version, the web-based user interface and cost-effective pricing model made SimpleSENCE Enterprise ideal for commercial businesses – apartments, condominiums, data centers, warehouses, and vacation rentals – that want to guard against structural or equipment damage from undetected water leaks and frozen pipes.

Building and facility managers enjoy the same benefits as residential users, including convenient and secure Wi-Fi operation; easy setup and installation; and 24/7 monitoring and instant alert notifications from text and email. Businesses also have additional advantages, including alerts through the easy-to-monitor desktop interface; easy scalability with unlimited sensors deployed in multiple locations; and unlimited alert notifications; and unlimited (and encrypted) notification contacts.

The attraction of the Enterprise version of SimpleSENCE to businesses, especially residential properties, is evident. The company is close to signing deals with two major residential communities, and several other businesses are showing a high level of interest.

The evolution of SimpleSENCE has been slow but steady. From its early success as a humble residential water leak detector, to the enthusiastic reception of Capteur's enhanced detection power, to the burgeoning interest in the Enterprise version, Alfrey's "simple" vision has started to blossom. Pretty soon, its wave of success may turn into a tsunami.

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