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Vidalux Is Helping To Make The Uk's Homes More Accessible

Given the choice, most people would probably spend their senior years in their own homes. The good news is that this is increasingly likely to be possible

    MORECAMBE, ENGLAND, October 12, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- As with everything in life, however, advanced planning definitely helps. What's more, planning in advance will also help if you experience unexpected mobility issues while you are younger.

Making housing more accessible

The ability to age in place is becoming a growing concern in the UK. It's one of the main drivers behind the push to make housing more accessible. With that said, it definitely isn't the only one.

The reality is that anybody can experience mobility issues, even if only temporarily. Those issues shouldn't prevent that person from living in their own home.

Anybody with slight mobility issues should be able to live in their own home entirely independently. Anybody with more serious issues should still be able to live in their own home. They may just need some further assistance.

It's now standard for homes to be built with accessibility considerations in mind. In fact, it's often a condition of getting planning permission. It also makes smart business sense. There are, however, still many older houses that could do with at least some upgrading to improve accessibility. There are also some newer houses where the builder's work could be improved.

Picking the right upgrades

Andrew Ellis, founder and CEO of Vidalux advises, "Generally, you want to think about accessibility whenever you update your home in any way. Your priorities should generally be your access from the outside, your kitchen and your bathroom. They're the areas where significant updates take the most work and make the most difference.".

Mr Ellis' specialist area is bathrooms. A lot of his store's range has been developed with accessibility in mind. You might, however, not realise this at first glance. "Accessibility doesn't have to mean compromising on style or function." says Mr Ellis. "It just means thinking about how you would use an appliance if you had limited mobility.".

Vidalux is probably best known for its range of hydrotherapy and steam showers. These are still the company's best-sellers. Its fastest-growing product range, however, is its range of walk-in baths. Mr Ellis puts this down to two factors.

Firstly, he sees baths as making a general come-back. At the same time, people are very aware of their accessibility issues. That's why they're making a point of choosing walk-in baths and partnering them with high-quality showers. Secondly, people are looking to add value to their homes and walk-in baths are a great way to do that.

How walk-in baths can add value to your home

"Anything that improves general accessibility will probably add value to your home." advises Mr Ellis. He goes on to clarify. "By general accessibility, I mean features that are handy for anyone with any level of mobility limitation".

Big-ticket changes like stair lifts and wheelchair ramps/lifts may interest some people. Realistically, though, they're not likely to be a big enough attraction for enough people to justify adding them unless, of course, you need them yourself anyway.".

Mr Ellis adds, "Usually, the upgrades you want to go for are ones to the kitchen and bathroom. These are key areas in the home. Making significant changes to them is often a lot of work and it's work most buyers don't feel they need or want. That's why houses with great kitchens and bathrooms tend to be very popular."

He continues, "Modern buyers often tend to be looking for bathrooms they can use as home spas. That means they love baths but they also need a shower and they need to think about accessibility. Walk-in baths partnered with showers deliver this all in one. It's hardly a surprise that they're becoming hugely popular."

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