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The 2nd Rechallenge International Forum

On October 13th, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety opens up a place for a discussion with experts in conjunction with the Fail Expo in Chungbuk,

    LOS ANGELES, CA, October 14, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In conjunction with the Fail Expo in Chungbuk, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS, Lee Sang-min) hosts the 2nd Rechallenge International Forum at DongbuChangko in Cheongju City on Thursday, October 13.

In 2021, MOIS hosted the 1st Rechallenge International Forum through the cooperation between the government and non-government actors to spread the value of failure and share the culture of rechallenge. It was also a move for Korea's solidarity towards the international movement of rechallenging.

This year again, the Forum is open for experts and all related parties to discuss failures and rechallenges. The Rechallenge International Forum commemorates the significance of the Day for Failure, which started in Finland and spread out worldwide. It is hosted every October 13th to spread out good examples and outcomes within the country.

As a successful 2nd round, the Rechallenge International Forum this year was arranged to share the culture of utilizing failure as a social asset and promoting such an institutional milieu. Also, it pursues the search for better plans for the future and a growing capacity for creative innovation.

Starting with the 2nd Rechallenge International Forum and the Fail Expo in Chungbuk opening ceremony, the Forum rolls out sessions under the theme of Failure Assetization (Session 1) and Daring Challenge (Session 2), consisting of presentations, discussions, questions and answers.

For this year's event, Chungbuk citizens would join to share their progress in the assetization of failures, followed by performances supporting rechallenges and more talks. When sharing the progress in the assetization of failures, policy tasks would be presented that were deduced from deep discussions between the experts and the person who experienced failures collected from the Fail Expo in Chungbuk.

A talk will be followed on the roles of the government and non-government sectors in spreading the culture in which people accept, embrace and tolerate failures, in addition to international solidarity.

This event will be attended by Mona Ismail, the President of AaltoES, which hosts Finland's 'Day for Failure,' Pekka Metso, the Ambassador of Finland to Korea, Noh Junyong, the Director of KAIST Center for Ambitious Failure and Koo Bonkeun, the Director General of Local Innovation Bureau of MOIS.

During the event's first session, Michael Lum, the Master Trainer of Hard Knocks College, Paul Iske, the CFO of The Institute of Brilliant Failures and Professor Yian Yin of Northwestern University present different countries' cases and outcomes on failure learning and studies.

Professor Park Sangkyu of Korea Nazarene University and Lee Junghee, the Chairwoman of Korea Women Startup Forum will also join the panel to discuss ways of assetization for minimizing failures and providing new chances and challenges.

During the second session of the event, Carlos Zimbron, the COO of F*kup Night, Mona Ismail, the President of AaltoES and Research Assistant Professor Ahn Hyejeong of KAIST Center for Ambitious Failure, present cultural and institutional factors that disrupts challenges and rechallenges and the limits and possibilities found through sharing and analyzing failures.

Lee Yunsock, the Managing Director of Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation, and Kang Kihoon, the CEO of Youth Hope Factory, join the panel to discuss ways to vitalize daring challenges.

The Forum's opening ceremony is planned to be streamed in real-time through the Youtube channels of MOIS, Chungcheongbuk-do Province and the Fail Expo from 11 a.m. until 12 p.m. on Thursday October 13.

The Youtube channel of MOIS ( and Chungcheongbuk-do Province ( will be streamed in Korean, while the Youtube channel for the Fail Expo (, it would be streamed in English.The entire contents of the Forum will be open to the public through the website ( and Youtube Channel ( of the Fail Expo from October 20th with English and Korean subtitles.

The Director General of Local Innovation Bureau of MOIS, Koo Bonkeun said, "I hope the Rechallenge International Forum would provide a chance to raise awareness on the significance of the experience of failure as a social asset internationally, and that we would collect wisdom and share cases and experiences of different ways tried in different countries."

He added, "I will actively cooperate with private, public, and local government actors to spread the culture of rechallenge and to change the perception and attitude towards failures so that it would become a stepping stone and an opportunity of growth and development for individuals, organizations and local governments."

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