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How To Take Your Company From Good To Great - 5 Things You Need To Know Offered By Top Motivational Speaker And Bestselling Author Rocky Romanella

Romanella's best-selling book, Tighten The Lug Nuts, was recently ranked #1 in Business Leadership and Business Management. Rocky is a former CEO with over 40 years of experience and has recently developed a new podcast The Leadership Library Podcast

    WILMINGTON, NC, October 16, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- What is the difference between a company that is "good", and one that is "great"? This is not a question that is easily answered. We would likely find that the answer would vary greatly from one person to another. But it is also true that there are traits that set a "good" company apart from a "great" company. The answer to that question is the focus of a recent two-part article by top motivational speaker and best-selling author Rocky Romanella. He provides some penetrating insight as he first defines the difference, and then shows us how to go from good to great. His article reads in part:

"As I think about the process of leading a great company, to me good is a point along the way on the journey to great. Good companies take time and reflect on the values and principles that guide them. Great companies build an uncompromising culture and legacy that generations will reference and aspire to be a part of. Greatness is a destination, and good is a milestone along the greatness journey.

"During challenging times, and periods of rapid changes, good companies and leaders view consistency as their high-water mark. Great companies and leaders emerge from these difficulties a stronger and more competitive company positioned for remarkable success – like a phoenix.

"In many cases good companies are in a maintenance mode and are happy with relative results, whereas great companies and leaders are initiative-taking, highly- motivated with a strong commitment to growing and having exponential results.

"Both companies are on their journey, Good inc., and Great inc., on their journey however, the road had a fork in it – an unimaginable detour. It was the course they were given; their only path to follow.

"The road ahead is theirs to navigate. Good Inc. will manage tactfully and consistently. Great Inc. will be the Architects of Their Own Destinies. They will decide:

* What are the steps we will take to build back our company?
* What will our brand stand for in this evolving time?
* What will our brand promise be?

"Good companies rely on what they know to do, Great companies prepare for what they will need to do. They understand they will need to understand their business, personal situations and customer responsibilities from these new perspectives and an understanding of:

• what we do well
• where there is opportunity to grow
• where there is opportunity with new customers in new markets that we have identified
• how we continue to build our lives both personally and professionally

In the piece Rocky presents the five critical components of success. These are:

1. Safety: Starts with each employee, where safety is first, last and always present. We take a proactive approach to identify and prevent safety issues through our safety training and education programs. We are committed and take responsibility of our own safety, those who are around us and those we transport.

2. Commitment: is what transforms the promise into reality. It is the words that speak boldly of your intentions and the actions which speak louder than the words. It is making the time when there is none. Commitment is the stuff character is made of.

3. Respect and Integrity role models: Consistency between words and actions; Lives his or her word; Establishes open, candid, trusting respectful relationships at all levels; Treats all people inside and outside fairly; Makes decisions that are effective rather than politically correct.

4. Leadership: We expect each employee to act as a leader, be responsible and accountable in their role within our organization

5. Alignment: By changing our way of thinking and acting we will achieve unity, enhance performance, anticipate problems and identify opportunities for growth.

More on this topic is available at the 3Sixty Management website at

Rocky offers a number of resources on his website that offer powerful ideas for leaders at any level - business managers, educators or small group leaders:


Rocky also recently announced a number of new podcasts for The Leadership Library Podcast. The pilot episode was released December 2nd, 2021 with future releases scheduled for every Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

All of us are leaders in some way - parents, educators, athletes, special interest groups large and small, sales teams - the list is endless. Regardless of the role we play, Romanella's concepts, developed under the heading of Balanced Leadership, can be applied to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and results.

Morning coffee is one of the joys of life for many of us. When you add your Cup of Joe to your visit to the Leadership Library podcast, your morning coffee will add an educational, entertaining dose of leadership octane to your day. Past show topics include:

Balanced Leadership
Broad Based Leadership
Company Values
Goal Setting
Leaving a Legacy
Personal Values
Performance of a Successful Team
Strategic Vision
Operational Excellence
Strategic Process
Are You A Job Skill Developer
Leadership Roles and Responsibilities
SWOT Analysis
Training and Development

with many more topics available and more on the upcoming schedule.

The podcast is now available at, or visit The podcast is also available at Apple Podcasts. More on leadership, building a legacy and many other topics are also available at Romanella's website at


Rocky's book about leadership, Tighten The Lug Nuts: The Principles Of Balanced Leadership recently achieved number 1 bestseller status in both Business Management and Business Leadership.

In 'Tighten the Lug Nuts', Romanella uses his forty-plus years of experience at UPS, and his CEO and Director roles, to explore the ways a true leader can lead any organization and its people to new levels of success.

If you read only one business book this year, this is the book you should read.

Rocky's approach to leadership is unique and highly effective. He believes that great leaders challenge their people not to stop at the first right answer. 'Tighten The Lug Nuts' is a book about leadership that help readers move past that first right answer. It is full of detailed examples that are organized in an educational and entertaining way to form a framework of real-world concepts. The deceptively simple concepts, with powerful "How To Messages" can be utilized by anyone who holds a leadership position - even parents, educators, and others. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a first-time manager, Tighten The Lug Nut is not only motivational, but also a call to action for those who have yet to make a mark in their field.

The book can also help position an organization for hyper growth coming out of the pandemic, Key concepts detailed in the book will prepare leaders and their teams to hit the ground running as they rapidly refocus and rebuild. Tighten The Lug Nuts is loaded from cover to cover with practical information that can help leaders become more effective, more productive, and more successful. It is not just another "book about leadership."

Tighten The Lug Nuts is available at online book retailers. More information is available at his website at and at

Rocky Romanella has built an entire library of cutting-edge resources, available at his website, to help position ourselves to come out of the pandemic stronger, leaner, faster and to get a jump-start on the Rapid Rebuild process. Those resources include:


Rocky has been doing virtual conferences and training sessions with a keen eye on POST COVID and the Rapid Rebuild of our businesses. He can build a program, live or virtual, for any organization. Topics can include any or all of the 23 Leadership Competencies, concepts from the book, Tighten The Lug Nuts: The Principles Of Balanced Leadership, or any topic that might be appropriate.


Every item on the list will play a vital role during the Rapid Rebuild of our economy, our businesses and our lives. Any or all of them will be appropriate for virtual meetings, talks or presentations.


Over 108 podcasts that take a deep dive into Leadership topics. These can be searched by topic, show name or Leadership Competency.


The video library includes training videos, Balanced Leadership videos, Keynote Speaking videos, Tighten The Lug Nuts videos, interviews videos, Coach's Corner videos and much more.

More on leadership skills, virtual keynotes, training sessions, virtual meetings and conferencing calls, training workshops, strategy sessions and general information on the relaunch of the economy is available at Romanella's website.


As a special incentive for those who are ready for a Rapid Rebuild, Rocky will be offering meeting calls at no charge for those who purchase 20 or more copies of his 5-star rated book on leadership, 'Tighten The Lug Nuts'. Contact Rocky for details at [email protected], and or 610-322-0720 to schedule your session.

With over 4 decades of "boots on the ground" leadership experience, Rocky Romanella is one of the best keynote motivational speakers in the country and internationally. He has spoken in large and small venues all over the US including cities such as Atlanta, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, NYC, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Houston, LA, Charlotte, and many others. Internationally, he has presented keynotes in Toronto, Mexico City, Milan, London, and Krakow. He is known for creating excitement through his energy, passion, and knowledge, while employing his talents and experience to motivate, inspire and entertain audiences, regardless of size.

Romanella has garnered praise for his ability to connect to a wide range of audiences with his storytelling ability and innate charisma. Richard Snowden, President of Raven House International said, "An engaging speaker and facilitator, Rocky leads business executives to break-through results through break-through thinking." Conrad Swanson, Sr. VP Agency Development of Arpin Van Lines Inc. stated, "Rocky inspired many to look inward and improve the way they operate their businesses and lead their team members."

A winner of the UPS Chairman's Award for Excellence, Romanella has created a legacy of motivating teams to achieve their best. He pulls in audiences with real life stories from an illustrious career spanning nearly 40 years at one of the most recognized and admired brands in the world. Rocky brings leadership expertise in supply chain, logistics and transportation, retail, sales and operational excellence strategy, telecommunications engineering/construction management and installation. Having led many company sales efforts, rapidly building brands, restructuring events, and developing a culture needed to integrate past acquisitions, he inspires audiences to create a unified company with one vision.

Rocky Romanella is available for keynote speaking engagements and media interviews. He can be contacted using the information below or by email at [email protected]. Full information on 3SIXTY Management Services, more information on keynote speaking and 'Tighten The Lug Nuts' is available at the company website at

About Rocky Romanella:

Rocky is the Founder and CEO of 3SIXTY Management Services, LLC, a management consulting firm specializing in Executive Speaking, Leadership Development and Consulting Services. He also serves on the board of Goodman Networks, a leading provider of end-to- end network infrastructure, field and professional services to the wireless telecommunications and satellite television industries.

Rocky is an experienced CEO who led one of the largest rebranding initiatives in franchising history – The UPS Store, revolutionizing the $9 billion retail shipping and business services market.

While leading The UPS Store, the network increased retail unit, same-store sales by 5.8%, outpacing the National Retail Federation results of 4.6% during a recession.

Rocky steered UPS's entry into the health care industry and created the mantra, "It's a patient, not a package.®"

He also led the integration of more than 20 acquisitions to improve financial performance, capabilities, and global network footprint.

Through his executive roles and leadership advisory services, Rocky delivers results by developing and implementing his Balanced Leadership Model across enterprise operations. This includes a laser focus on customer needs, employee empowerment and the demands of shareholders.

Rocky has the rare ability to see a clear vision of the changing business landscape, the passion to develop strategies, tactics, and metrics to drive desired results.

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