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Yodda Announces A New-age Solution To The Old-age Problem

Yodda Enable assures a calm and moderated approach to chaotic & panic-stricken situations during elder emergencies.

"Yodda Enable has the potential to be the one-tap solution for all elder care needs by organising and tapping into the informal support network elders already trust", said Tarun Sharma.

    PUNE, INDIA, October 19, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Yodda Elder Care, India's premier parent care company, has announced the launch of Yodda Enable and Yodda Angel – the first self-service solution for elder care in the country.

Yodda launched in October 2021 with doorstep assistance to senior citizens provided by an on-ground team of army veterans in Pune, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. Tarun Sharma, the CEO and founder of Yodda, realised that this operating model would not work effectively for elders who live in smaller cities or those who live in the same city with their families but have logistical challenges while supporting their elders during emergencies. The current elder support system comprises of a network of trusted friends, families, and neighbours who are always willing to help the elder in times of need, but may not have all the information required to assist them in a timely fashion. The need for a platform that allows elders & their loved ones to stay connected with prompt access to relevant information was thus identified and this led to the creation of Yodda Enable.

Yodda Enable is a one-tap solution that allows elders to ask for routine help from a loved one, and for emergency assistance from a network of trusted emergency responders to ensure their safety & well-being. Yodda Angel, a companion app to Enable, provides peace of mind to the loved ones of the elders. It equips the team to provide any service the elder may require by alerting them and supplying them with the relevant information necessary for handling that request. Private data is confidential and encrypted in the system. This data is made available during an emergency only to those responders authorised by the elder. This solution offers advanced features on both platforms, such as managing health & medical records, insurance details, personalised emergency war rooms, expert emergency moderation, and profile-relevant curated content.

Yodda Enable assures a calm and moderated approach to otherwise chaotic and panic-stricken situations during emergencies to ensure structured efforts to save lives.

Besides emergency handling, elders and their team members can enjoy being a part of the Yodda Enable community. They can attend engaging events, watch educational & relevant videos, and read informative articles that help manage health & age related ailments. Following a simple set-up process, elders can also use the app for day-to-day tasks, such as calling their doctors and pharmacists.

"Yodda Enable has the potential to be the one-tap solution for all elder care needs by organising and tapping into the informal support network they already trust," said Tarun Sharma during the platform launch.

About Yodda: Yodda is a premium technology-enabled elder care company headquartered in Pune, India, aiming to improve senior citizens' quality of life. They provide 24/7 emergency management services, healthcare facilitation, and concierge services to senior citizens living alone in the fast-changing environment around them. Whether an elder requires routine services, companionship, or rapid doorstep assistance during a life-threatening emergency, their innovative, new-age technology platforms ensure ease of use and superior service delivery.

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India’s first self-service, one-stop solution for elder care is now live! Watch and learn how one platform can support every need, from emergency handling to a sense of community & belonging!