All Press Releases for October 19, 2022

Author, Michael Medico, moves "The Sainted Trilogy" Book Series to 34 One-Hour Scripts for TV Streaming

The Sainted Trilogy book series has drawn over 550,000 monthly responses via social media and Blog posts from avid readers and followers.

"The series follows the lead character, in the eternal struggle of good versus evil in the modern day, who is committed to saving humanity."

    LOS ANGELES, CA, October 19, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Michael Medico author of the supernatural suspense thriller and love story, "The Sainted Trilogy", has completed 34, one-hour scripts destined for a series to air via global streaming based on his 5-star rating book series.

The Sainted Trilogy series has drawn over 550,000 responses via social media and Blog posts from avid readers of the genres via social media and Blog posts. The series follows the lead character in the eternal struggle of good versus evil in the modern day who is committed to saving humanity.

Author, Michael Medico said that he was stunned at the response to the theme and the background of his characters. "To say I am overwhelmed is totally on point. It's a suspense thriller and love story but the responses are people that identify with the various elements and that is any author's dream." Medico also notes, "There are thousands of responses on social media and the launch of the blog. This is where I talk about the book's background of the Italian American culture and how it was adopted to the main characters."

When asked why he chose the Saints as a vehicle to communicate the message in the trilogy, Michael says, "I was educated in Catholic schools, and I was always fascinated by the saints and their lives, their miracles, and dedication to their faith. Over the years I became lapsed in my faith and 'The Sainted Trilogy' helped to inspire me to tackle the horrors of evil that the forces of Hell have wrought."

According to author Robert Charles, "An Interview with God" he found the characterization of the Sainted creatively superb. "As a former seminarian, I was amazed how Michael has given voice and personalities to the saints whom most Catholics only have had a one-way conversation —you prayed to them. In Michael's suspense thriller, the Saints, who represent "consummate good", speak to the protagonist, and provide insights into his struggle through examples from their lives. The author has also given voice to Julian, the modern-day Satan, who represents the "ultimate evil." These two disparate elements are brilliantly brought together to keep readers drawn to this great storyline. You see Chris Pella is guided by the presence of Michael the Archangel, and many other of the Sainted, as he assumes the role of the ultimate warrior for good. It's truly an exciting story made more so against today's chaotic world. It will make an amazing series."

The author also written, in graphic detail, a number of horrific events that caused some to question his intent. In response, Medico commented, "When I adapted The Sainted Trilogy novels to screenplays, I continued to use the very graphic examples of horrific evil to illustrate the dichotomy of the consummate good, as represented by the Sainted, and the ultimate evil as represented by Satan. You can never underestimate the boundless horror that is inherent in evil. I look at good versus evil as opposite sides of the coin."

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