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Elevations RTC Recently Participated in The 2022 Echo Triathlon

Elevations RTC recently had staff members and students participate in the 2022 Echo Triathlon.

    SALT LAKE CITY, UT, October 22, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Known as one of the most significant multi-sport events in Northern Utah, all participants had the opportunity to push the limits physically while braving the elements and terrain.

For those participating from Elevations RTC, the competition itself acted as a way to prove all the hard work and training paid off in a big way. Completion was stressed more than time, but several participants from campus gave it their all.

Triathlon training started for the participants well before the race date. It has been a long journey for staff members and students with triathlon training, as the average person has a challenging time coming close to completion without specific work.

Triathlon training also takes time, particular locations, and equipment. Some students who arrive at Elevations RTC do not have an opportunity to participate in something like this simply because they don't have the resources necessary at home.

The staff works hard to ensure that every student has the opportunity to pursue what they enjoy. Finding just one activity to do outside the classroom can make a huge difference in a person's life.

Every student who arrives on campus has a chance to join the triathlon group and start the training process right away. Staff members are in charge of providing these opportunities and making the introductory period smooth.

There's no pressure to match anyone else's progress. It's all about an individual getting better and better.

What Makes the Echo Triathlon Special?

There are a few reasons why the Echo Triathlon became a popular pick for those at Elevations RTC. The most obvious answer is that it's close to campus, with a start taking place at Echo State Park.

Offering two distances also helped involve more athletes wanting to try a triathlon. The sprint distance included a 750 m swim, 14-mile bike ride, and 3.1-mile run.

The intermediate Olympic distance stretches to a 1500 m swim, 25-mile bike ride, and 6.2-mile run. All participants from Elevations RTC had a chance to pick the race they wanted to participate in.

Finally, this is an excellent opportunity for those who have not done a lot of triathlons in the past. The swim is at the beach, and the bike and run courses are fast and flat. Participants never feel overwhelmed when they get out there without any incredibly challenging elevations.

Taking place in the middle of summer already provides a slight temperature obstacle, so adding challenging terrain could be too much for novices.

Residential treatment center Elevations RTC is a Utah-based therapy and educational support program for all genders going through struggles in their adolescent years. It's a chance to live on campus and receive therapeutic assistance and quality education.

Students get a chance to return home to apply what they've learned. The goal is to set up for success later on down the road.

The spacious campus outside Salt Lake City is gender inclusive, allowing every student to have a setup that mimics real life. A solid and successful alumni base proves the success of the program.

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