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'AirNotis,' a powerful portable air monitor that measures six different types of air quality

Launching on the Global Crowdfunding Platform Kickstarter!

    NEW YORK, NY, October 25, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A high-performance portable air monitor for healthy daily life called "AirNotis" is being introduced on the international crowdfunding website Kickstarter by BLUEFEEL, a Samsung Electronics' spin-off company that specializes in small home appliance products.

AirNotis is highly portable since its small and compact size. It can be used indoors at home and in the office, as well as in various outdoor activities such as travel, camping, and also in your vehicles, so you can measure the air quality any when, anywhere.

Since the cumulated CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) we exhale when we breathe in enclosed space causes drowsiness, reduces concentration, and reduces the quality of sleep, it is very important to ventilate the space frequently. CO (Carbon Monoxide) generated while heating the space, TVOC, a chemical emitted when using various house gadgets, fine dust from outdoor and so on, when these are accumulated in the human body, they will degrade brain functions and cardiovascular system. It can be solved by circulating air by frequently ventilating the space. However, in a busy life, it is difficult to develop the habit of ventilation.

AirNotis will alert you in real time and notify you to ventilate the space by measuring air quality that is harmful to the human body in exact timing. AirNotis will help you to develop a healthy ventilation habit and protect you from harmful chemicals in the air and make your day clean and energetic.

With its a high precision sensor from the photoacoustic method, AirNotis precisely measures six types of air quality at once - CO, CO2, TVOC, fine dust, temperature, and humidity. When fuel is burned insufficiently, carbon monoxide (CO), one of the dangerous gases that can result in fatal accidents and cause headaches, weariness, dizziness, and even death when cooking or heating inside a closed vehicle or when camping, is generated. Carbon monoxide is more dangerous than other gases since it is difficult for people to detect because it is colorless, odorless, and non-irritant. AirNotis has an electrochemical sensor that accurately measures and informs CO up to 500ppm in real time, which allow users to ventilate and evacuate immediately in dangerous situations.

Especially, the chemical organic compound CO2 (carbon dioxide) has a significant impact on how the body works. There will be headaches, sleepiness, and an increase in heart rate when it hits 2,000 ppm. When it reaches 5,000 ppm, it results in death and brain damage. AirNotis uses Bluetooth to link devices and apps, and when the CO2 level exceeds 1,500 ppm, it sends an alarm to the user to ventilate the space. It can measure up to 40,000 ppm of CO2 with a high degree of precision and an error range of ±50 ppm (+5%). When indoor air is ventilated properly, CO2 can be released to improve concentration, lessen tiredness, and prevent drowsiness.

Additionally, a metal oxide sensor is used to accurately monitor TVOC, a chemical produced in home and office products like furniture, detergents, and pesticides. By using a light scattering laser sensor, fine dust (PM10), ultra-fine dust (PM2.5), and ultra-fine dust (PM1.0) are measured more precisely to improve the everyday life environment.

AirNotis provides extra convenience to consumers since it can be used with one button to power ON/OFF and connect to other devices with Bluetooth. It is easy to carry, and the tilt of the screen is also adjusted to use the product anywhere, any when. After fully charging the device, it can be used wirelessly for 24 hours and allows you to check the air quality in your vehicle and during various outdoor activities including camping.

The air you breathe is as important as the water you drink. Portable air monitor AirNotis is not like other conventional product. It allows users to check the air quality with their own eyes and improve their life qualities. Also, AirNotis won 2022 Innovation Awards and proved its usability and functionality to the world.

You can find more information about AirNotis on the official Kickstarter website. Meet AirNotis with discounted price on Kickstarter on October.

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