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Maple Lake Academy Showcases Student Work at Their Parent Weekend

Maple Lake Academy continues to plan for Fall Parent Weekend for students to reconnect with their families on campus.

    PROVO, UT, October 25, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Scheduled for October 13th and 14th for girls and October 20th and 21st for boys, teachers are preparing students for this anticipated event.

Like with the previous Parent Weekends, students are encouraged by their teachers to put together a portfolio of favorite assignments that showcase quality work. Students get a chance to showcase how they are doing in class, introduce their teachers, discuss progress, discuss goals for improvement, and advocate for their needs in the classroom. The teachers, parents, and students work together during parent/teacher conferences for different accommodations for success academically.

Parents look forward to this weekend, as it is a great way to see firsthand how their teens are doing. It's also a way to see how a typical day goes on the Maple Lake Academy campus. While phone calls, emails, and video chats work, visiting on campus allows them more opportunity to see what a typical day looks like.

Plenty of activities on both weekends will include parents and students. On top of that, there will be opportunities for parents to meet with the entire professional team at Maple Lake Academy. Opportunities are given to the parents to attend parent seminars where parents come together to learn about a variety of topics. These topics educate the parents on better ways to manage their teen in the home as well as provide them a foundation and structure for better communication.

There's general information and a Maple Lake Academy blog that provides information for students and parents every step of the way.

About Maple Lake Academy

Maple Lake Academy works directly with students on the autistic spectrum, social pragmatic communication disorder, and other learning challenges. Providing a unique school opportunity since 2005 makes learning easier with well-trained staff offering support and opportunities for learning and growth.

Students have an opportunity to work in small group settings and go through several individualized therapeutic approaches to build skills and have the opportunity to use the tools they are learning. With constant evaluation, the right approach is tailor-made for every student who arrives on campus at Maple Lake Academy.

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