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OCSI Offers Adaptable Engine Control

Engines could change modes

    BIRMINGHAM, AL, October 28, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- There's an improvement coming from lab research. News stories are about carbon pollution and fuel waste. Here is a solution. Many discoveries are valuable and deserve research. An engine advance benefits transportation. Research could show value to improve life because the developer has a novel, first of an industry product. Contact the developer. Creative insights are in the pending patent Specification. Be intrigued by a beneficial, unknown electronic method for running engines. Feel free to study a radical change for engines using many modes of operation. Welcome to a company that's developing a system unlike anything seen before. The system is completely different. Get full knowledge of what's revolutionary about engine electronic control.

Current engine technology uses dedicated (constant fuel use) operation. It is ok but a different system was envisioned using electronic operation. A ground-breaking innovation is available. A new method of operation solves problems in unique ways - 1. Dedicated (constant) operation could be variable, adaptable operation, 2. Limited fuel mileage could improve to a yet to be discovered mpg, 3. Fuel could be any density (not a single fuel), 4. Limited power may multiply so engines could be smaller, and 5. Components can reduce 50% (e.g., 13 parts vs. 26) so engines could be assembled faster. That's a good benefit! Engineering is valuable.

Changing to electronic operation has great potential! Cylinders & electronic injectors can have intermittent use or are deactivated when vehicles are moving at a steady speed 99% of the time.

Engines could freewheel when exhaust valves are open. A eureka flash occurred when the developer learned about a freewheeling configuration that's unknown. When fuel drops aren't used it saves fuel (real life mpg is undetermined). Let's see how much the real mpg is. Feel free to choose adaptable performance. Improving a durable mechanism is offered that could change modes (flexible operation) for more power, more mpg and more years of service. The developer offers an investment opportunity for supporters to consider. Joining the executive team, having a portion of the company or receiving preferred stock is offered to backers.

Our world could benefit from a novel system. See a website for media. Consider the value of electronic technologies to improve transportation because the components are a reason. FACT: Electronics have limited failure problems. An exciting discovery is explosions could occur when pistons move fastest near 90 degrees after top dead center (TDC). Production of advanced machines can be easily understood and a special electronic technology could be proven as fact in a mechanical engineering lab. Mechanical engineering labs are in large cities in America.
Ottomatic Control Systems, Inc. (OCSI). OCSI has innovative advancements for moving vehicles.

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Ottomatic Control Systems, Inc. (OCSI)
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Ottomatic Control Systems, Inc.TM (OCSI)
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