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High-efficiency BLDC Motor Cordless Hair Dryer with Adjustable Angle Launches on Kickstarter!

Dry Your Hair Anywhere and Keep Your Cool With Coolo.

    NEW YORK, NY, October 29, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A cordless wireless hair dryer with innovative functionality has just arrived in the world of cordless electronic devices. It is part of a paradigm shift from corded electronic devices to cordless. From cable earphones to AirPods, and corded vacuum cleaners to cordless vacuum cleaners, devices are going cordless rapidly. . At first, everyone was skeptical about the transition from corded electronic equipment to cordless. But, today, we can all agree on the superior convenience of cordless equipment. And a cordless wireless hair dryer with innovative functionality is the new kid on the block.

COOLO, with four 3,000mAh high- efficiency batteries and a BLDC motor, cannot be compared to a conventional cordless hair dryer. The performance of this user-friendly, well- designed, adjustable angle hair dryer with heating optimization control is significantly close in performance to that of any corded hair dryer in the market.

The BLDC motor is a motor that removes abrasive brushes from the motor itself to increase durability and generate a more powerful blow. Usually, a BLDC motor cordless hair dryer requires high power in terms of charging, overheating and output. So it was difficult to develop a cordless hair dryer with high efficiency. But, after two years of cutting-edge research and development, COOLO succeeded in developing a BLDC motor hair dryer that gives the same performance as a corded hair dryer. COOLO can output blow up to 100,000RPM to dry quickly not only the hair but also the scalp in a short time. Four batteries of 3,000mAh capacity each were built to support the BLDC motor. Pushing the limits of the craftsmanship of developing a cordless hair dryer, COOLO finally succeeded in increasing the performance of its cordless hair dryer with consistent power and velocity.

The structural design of COOLO also makes the hair dryer versatile and it can adjust the angle of the hair dryer from 0° to 90°. You can adjust the angle to 90° and dry your hair without the hindrance of a cord. Or you can adjust the angle to 45° and put it in a cradle to dry your hair while doing something else like enjoying a simple meal.

While not in use, COOLO can be used as an aesthetically appealing interior object. If the battery charge drops, it is necessary to charge the dryer by placing it in its cradle. The nozzle, body, and cradle of the hair dryer can be easily assembled using magnetic attachments and this provides convenient use.

COOLO is lightweight compared to most competing cordless hair dryers. This hair dryer includes four 3,000mAh batteries and a BLDC motor but weighs only about 1lb in total. With a circumference of 1.6 inches, the handle of the hair dryer leaves no burden on your wrist or shoulder, especially if you're a female, even if you hold it for a long time. It takes two hours to fully charge the hair dryer. When fully charged, It can run up to 15 minutes of hot air and 45 minutes of cool air.

Not only is the hair dryer ultralight but its compact size makes it easy to carry. Besides using it indoors, it comes in handy anywhere if you go camping, gymming, or take a hotel room. This portable hair dryer will take care of business without any hassle whatsoever when you need it. it can be used for drying and grooming your pet's hair too, especially when you need that extra flexibility as your pet moves around.

The company behind COOLO says: "We experienced many obstacles while using conventional hair dryers. So we wanted to invent a hair dryer with strong velocity and power. After spending two years of research and development and using our self-developed technology, we were able to equip a hair dryer with a BLDC motor with an outstanding design that guarantees a dynamic performance."

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