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[Pangyo Tech] Mediaiplus introduces clinical trial data platform and CRO matching solution at the September 2022 Pangyo Monthly Online Meet Up

Jihee Jung, CEO of Mediaiplus said, "The company is running a B2B type of business. The targets are domestic and overseas bio ventures, pharmaceutical companies, and clinical trial entrusted institutions.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, October 31, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- With Gyeonggi-do's goals to inform the world about the value and current state of Pangyo Techno Valley, an online meet up was held with Helena Stone, the editor-in-chief of GEEKSPIN, an American media outlet, via video conference on the September 27th.

Founded in January 2019, Mediaiplus Co., Ltd. is a company that promotes database and the provision of online information as its main business. After being certified as a 'Venture Company' by the Korea Technology Guarantee Fund in July 2020, CDISC Platinum membership was obtained in 2021, and thls year, it succeeded in advancing to the finals of the Mass Challenge held in Boston, USA.

Based on artificial intelligence (AI), MediC calculates clinical trial similarity and predicts key keywords to provide domestic and international clinical trial data. Based on such big data, it provides FICRO, a clinical contract matching solution to meet customers' clinical trial design visualization and requirements.

The previous clinical trial consignment method had the disadvantage of wasting time and money, and small and medium consignment organizations were unable to find proper customers due to lack of means for promotion. The clinical trial data search also had the disadvantage of having it difficult find the desired papers and reports because the information was scattered. MediC and FICRO were developed to improve these flaws. Mediaiplus explained that the main targets for these products are pharmaceutical companies preparing for clinical trials, bio ventures, and clinical trial entrusted institutions.

The advantages of MediC include: searching 500,000 domestic and foreign clinical trial information in Korean and English, deriving results through intuitive and diverse visualization analysis, Bbokmarking clinical trial information of interest, viewing competitive product and similar clinical trial information at once, among others.

In addition, with Pycro, it is possible to quickly and easily search for a suitable CRO for users based on data, confirm CRO information by stage and establish a segmentation strategy from non-clinical as well as human subjects, derive accurate results when searching for a clinical trial consignment institution by digitizing each company's strengths, service areas, and participating clinical trials.

Jihee Jung, CEO of Mediaiplus said, "The company is running a B2B type of business. The targets are domestic and overseas bio ventures, pharmaceutical companies, and clinical trial entrusted institutions. In addition, companies that produce cosmetics or other products that require clinical trials can also become our customers."

She continued, "South Korea has Seoul, the city with the largest number of clinical trials in the world.

It has a good environment that can shorten the entire clinical trial period with a rapid clinical trial preparation process and deployment. The company is looking for partners in Asia, especially in Korea, for bioventures, medical device companies or CRO companies that want clinical trials."

Meanwhile, 'Online Meetup' is one of Pangyo Techno Valley's PR projects. It is an event to share opinions online with startup clusters around the world on major issues of Pangyo Techno Valley companies. To be specific, thls September meeting is an opportunity to introduce companies in Pangyo and it is a venue prepared to introduce new technologies from various startups. The online meetup video can be found on the Pangyo Techno Valley YouTube channel.

Pangyo Techno Valley Global Media Meet Up Live

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