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The Shower Filter Exclusively for Dogs, Now Available on Kickstarter

Shower Dog: World's First Shower Filter Exclusively for Dogs

    NEW YORK, NY, November 02, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The world's first shower filter that is made with a mix of aroma scents and human body smell will be available on Kickstarter.

Showerdog is made with 100% safe eatable ingredients that involve aroma scents having the human body smell which will reduce the repulsion against taking a shower by water. Dogs recognize the smell of their owners as the smell of their parents. Showerdog's company Arofil Waters stated that the dogs are able to smell 100,000 times more acute than human beings can do, therefore, Showerdog is the product that can allow the dogs to reduce their fears of water by giving them familiar scents.

Showerdog was successful in creating the scents mixing with the human body smell which instinctively attracts the dogs. Extracted from the human body smell, the aroma scents were produced by also mixing the natural French rose oil concentrate. The fragrance that Showerdog emits possess human body smell, thus it will relieve stress and give stability to the dogs. This method was created by applying the conditioned reflex theory by Ivan Pavlov. Shower Dog is also made with 60% Ascorbic Vitamin C, which helps exfoliate and relieve dry skin. Being made with 100% eatable ingredients, it is safe for children as well.

Showerdog filter can be attached to the shower head for use. Without special equipment, you will be able to install it under the shower head with your bare hands, and by simply turning on the shower head for the fragrance inside the Showerdog filter to seep into the flowing water. Worried about the lasting smell? No problem. Shower Dog's aroma with human body smell evaporates quickly and doesn't seep into your dog's body enabling cleaner shower than ever.

The installation order would be disassembling the shower head, attaching the rubber ring to the shower hose, and combine the bottom of the case with the shower hose. Place the rounded part of the shower filter facing the floor, and then combine the upper part of the case with it to use. The filter with emit the fragrance for about 10 to 15 minutes for use.

Showerdog will be available for discounted prices on the American crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

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