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Go Electric With Vidalux' New Range of Electric Shower Pods

Everything's going electric these days and that includes showers. Vidalux is getting ahead of the trend with its new range of electric shower pods. They're perfect for homeowners who're moving away from gas for a greener future (and lower bills)

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The basics of electric showers

As founder and CEO of Vidalux, Andrew Ellis was used to getting curious looks when he mentioned electric showers. Even now, a lot of people have yet to find out about them. Word is, however, slowly getting out electric showers exist and are getting better all the time.

Mr Ellis explains "Electric showers work much the same way as kettles, washing machines and dishwashers. They contain a heating element that brings cold water up to the temperature you want. They then dispense it to you via the showerhead. They're perfectly safe (assuming they're properly installed of course."

He adds "Electric showers have been a niche market for years. They were generally used when you couldn't use gas. For example, they were often installed in temporary locations such as construction sites. They were only really used in homes if people wanted to install a shower where they didn't have a hot water supply."

Now, of course, many homeowners are slowly moving away from gas and towards the green future offered by electricity. This is creating a noticeably higher level of demand for electric showers. There is particular demand for electric shower pods. Mr Ellis believes that this is because homeowners appreciate their practicality.

The pros of pods

Pods are essentially self-contained shower cabins. They're self-contained because they have a ceiling as well as being fully enclosed on all sides. This means that the inevitable shower steam and splashes are trapped within the pod. Written down, it's a small change. In real life, however, it makes a huge difference.

As Mr Ellis explains "If you're installing a new electric shower, you're probably either installing a new bathroom or renovating an old one. In either case, using a shower pod means you don't need to worry about tiling. That's not just a cost-saving, it's a major pain point dealt with."

He goes on "No tiling means a whole lot less cleaning. In particular, it means no more cleaning off mildew or mould. That means no more need for harsh chemicals to get rid of them safely. It also means no more worries about leaks through your tiling."

The pros of Vidalux electric shower pods

When Mr Ellis realised that electric showers were on a clear upward trend, he started thinking about how best to fill the need for them. He quickly realised that most homeowners were eager to find electric showers that looked good and were also easy to install and use. This didn't surprise him. Post COVID19, he's noticed a major shift in how people view bathrooms.

"Before the pandemic, a lot of people viewed bathrooms as just places to get clean", Mr Ellis recalls. "Then when the pandemic hit, people started to realise that they were places to get some valuable chill-out time. For some people, the time they spent in the bathroom was the only time they had totally to themselves."

Mr Ellis doesn't think it was a coincidence that his sales increased shortly after the pandemic struck. He says "I think a lot of people found themselves stuck at home with dated bathrooms and decided to use lockdown to do something about it. That something was often updating a basic, practical space and turning it into an attractive home spa."

This prompted Mr Ellis to introduce a new range of electric shower pods that looked as good as they worked and were easy to install too. He's been very encouraged by the demand for them and delighted by the feedback he's received from happy customers.

The showers can be seen here -

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