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Mitchell Acoustics Enters U.S. Market, Plans to Change the TV and Music-Listening Experience

uStream Bluetooth Speakers Eliminate Annoying Cabling, Produce High-Quality Stereo Sound; Capitalizing on the Surge in Streaming Video and Music

"Our uStream True Wireless Bluetooth speakers exploit all streaming options and deliver sound much closer to what the artists and producers intended."

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, November 02, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Mitchell Acoustics, a well-known audio brand in the U.K., is coming to the U.S. with a simple mission: to bring back stereo listening for everyone at an affordable price point.

Offering true wireless Bluetooth speakers and turntables, Mitchell Acoustics' audio products have been developed for casual and serious lovers of both music and movie sound. Their audio devices provide a cable-free, WiFi-free, and network-free solution, harnessing the outstanding quality possible over Bluetooth, with the simplicity and convenience of the platform. The need for additional equipment has been eliminated, removing clutter from the user's living space – all without breaking the bank.

The company, founded in 2018 by award-winning British audio specialist and professional producer/musician Paul Mitchell, along with Alex Leung, audio engineer and sound electronics guru, will enter the market with four Bluetooth products: its popular 100-watt uStream One speakers; the 160-watt uStream Two speakers; a new, "go anywhere" stereo speaker set called uStream Go; and the beautifully crafted TT2 Bluetooth turntable.

With its U.S. launch, Mitchell Acoustics is capitalizing on three current industry trends:
* The increase in streaming video & music
* The increase in overall music consumption, now at an all-time high
* The resurgence of vinyl

The company's flagship product is the uStream One speakers. These popular speakers require no annoying or messy cabling to pair them and no other equipment is required - all that's needed is a DC power source. Though a few other companies have also eliminated the cabling, Mitchell Acoustics has done it a far lower price point.

uStream Go is the newest addition to the uStream line. Like uStream One, they feature true wireless stereo Bluetooth technology and pair in the same way. But their smaller size allows users to take them anywhere and enjoy great stereo sound with very little effort. The built-in, lithium-ion battery provides over 30 hours of continuous play, with no need for power cords of any kind.

Perfect as a wireless hi-fi stereo system or as an alternative to a TV soundbar, the uStream Two is similar to the uStream One but generates a whopping 160 watts of sound power.

"Our uStream series retains the convenience of the standalone mono speakers that are popular today, but they produce beautiful stereo sound, reminiscent of what hi-fi was like years ago," said Mitchell. "They exploit all streaming options and deliver sound much closer to what the artists and producers intended."

Complementing the uStream speakers is the TT2 turntable, created to capitalize on the resurgence of vinyl records.

"Paul Mitchell has filled a real void in the stereo sound market," said Macy Mucciacciaro, Senior Vice President of Sales for Next Level Distributing, Mitchell's exclusive distributor in the U.S. "With streaming music so popular, there is a critical need for a speaker system that can capture the true stereo sound that has been ignored in the name of convenience. Representing the Mitchell Acoustics brand allows us the opportunity to give the listening public something they've been missing."

The uStream One Bluetooth speakers are available online at Amazon and will soon be at selected independent electronics retailers. In November, uStream Go will debut at selected locations of InMotion, the largest airport-based electronics retailer in the U.S., followed by independent retailers and online. By end November, the TT2 will be found online and in the independent retailers, while the uStream Two will arrive in January 2023.

The uStream One system will retail for $499. uStream Go is $449, and uStream Two is $999. The TT2 turntable will sell for $349.

About Mitchell Acoustics
Founded in 2018, Mitchell Acoustics is England's premier designer and manufacturer of Bluetooth-based audio products featuring true wireless technology. The brainchild of Paul Mitchell, an award-winning British audio specialist and professional producer/musician, and renowned audio engineer Alex Leung, Mitchell Acoustics brings high-quality stereo sound to both casual and serious music lovers at an affordable price point. Their uStream line of speakers are becoming recognized worldwide as the premier Bluetooth stereo speakers, eliminating messy cabling, with no other equipment required. And their wireless turntables capitalize on the resurgence of the vinyl record industry. For more information, visit

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