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The True Health Benefits of Ostomies Highlighted by Dr. Suzie Le Brocq's Revolutionary Work: How She Is Changing People's Perceptions and Erasing the Stigma

Dr. Suzie Le Brocq, acclaimed author of 'Ostomy 101: A Survival Kit to Sexual Healing', explores our physical, emotional and spiritual existence as sexual beings, particularly those women who've experienced body betrayal.

I help women who have experienced body betrayal and are looking to heal past their pain as they search for personal renewal through inner transformation.

    CALGARY, AB, November 03, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- For those who are unaware, October was World Ostomy Month. One might ask What is that? Well, allow me to flip the switch on the spotlight above, as it shines on a subject matter you might not have been privy to before, as well as a very special, forward-thinking individual who is revolutionizing the industry through her practices.

Unless you've been residing under a rock in the past few weeks, you most assuredly have heard the news that Matthew Perry of 'Friends' fame has recently released his tell-all memoir. It's within these pages, chock-full of juicy tidbits, that Matthew finally reveals his reasoning behind quitting drugs. It was, in fact, because his doctor had pointed out that if he continued his rampant drug use, he would have in his future a colostomy bag; this would be the worst-case scenario. A great deal of controversy has risen from the ashes about this revelation, due to the social media hailstorm of users opining on how ostomies save lives and are, in fact, not a worst-case scenario.

Now, that is one perspective, but let's allow the flip side of that coin to present a new perspective; one where the health benefits of ostomies are accentuated instead of being perceived negatively. An important figure who is a stalwart supporter in presenting the positive aspects of ostomies is the renowned Dr. Suzie Le Brocq.

Dr. Le Brocq has been revolutionizing techniques in her field that help and encourage both men and women to develop loving relationships with their physical bodies. Her techniques are highly sought after due to the well-documented benefits of the ostomy. Dr. Le Brocq's techniques include, but are not limited to:

· Teaching through evidence-based tools

· Utilizing her step-by-step strategies

· Incorporating innovative psycho-therapeutic exercises into her enlightening lessons

· Her specialized Kintsu Method

While spending years perfecting her techniques, Dr. Suzie Le Brocq has now set her eyes on the future and what it will mean in terms of getting her message out to the masses; helping to open their eyes and enlighten them, as she dispels stigmas long associated with ostomies. She is working to further her worldwide presence through the utilization of the online community as a way of amplifying her teachings. She offers a varied number of educational tools through her online courses such as:

· Accepting My New Normal

· Body Mastery – How To Master Your Ostomied Body

While Dr. Le Brocq has an understandably hectic schedule, she knows that the wisdom she'd like to impart is far too precious to let falter, so she has created an opening in her schedule for 'The Golden Hour with Doc Le Brocq'. This is a bi-weekly, live Q&A where the online community has access to education, coaching, and support.

It would take a book to gather and pin down all the information that Dr. Le Brocq has to offer in the field of ostomy benefits. Well, you just so happen to be in luck! Dr. Suzie Le Brocq has written a book titled, 'Ostomy 101: A Survival Kit to Sexual Healing', where she imparts all her wisdom to the reader and candidly discusses who we are as sexual beings, not just from a sexual standpoint, but from a human standpoint -- especially in terms of how females today define themselves. She helps women who have "experienced body betrayal and are looking to heal past their pain as they search for personal renewal through inner transformation." (Dr. Le Brocq)

She goes in-depth with her teachings on how you can authentically connect on multiple levels, ranging from your physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies. Le Brocq teaches us how we can build and rebuild an endearing relationship with ourselves. She shows us without failure how we can ultimately embrace our precious life with an ostomy.

For a limited time, Dr. Le Brocq would like to offer her 'Finding Normalcy' course for free. This course is designed to help female ostomates connect to how they feel living with an ostomy, however, male ostomates who've struggled to accept their new normal are welcome too.

For more information about her book and other resources from Dr. Le Brocq, please visit her official website. To learn even more, click here and check out Dr. Le Brocq's podcast here (see July 13, 2020 show).

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