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Sag-Aftra Members Against Vax Mandates Speak and Says "End The Mandates Now"

Hollywood And Other Entertainment Industry Workers Are Demanding SAG-AFTRA Put An End To Its Return To Work Agreement Vaccine Mandate Which Allows Productions To Prohibit Work To Its Own Un-Vaxxed Members. Many Claim This To Be Discriminatory.

"The Hypocrisy shown in this video series alone demonstrates a double standard that cannot be tolerated nor accepted by most." Guerrero exclaims!

    LOS ANGELES, CA, November 11, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Sag-Aftra Once Again extended the expiration date of their Return To Work Agreement and Vaccine Mandates. Since its inception, most of the signatory productions are produced under the RTW Agreement, prohibiting work to its own Sag-Aftra members and members of the other entertainment unions who have not taken the covid-19 vaccine injections.

Miami based actor Carlos Guerrero responded to the RTW deadline extension by producing Discriminated Sag-Aftra Members PART 10 "Un-Masking The Mandates". A short video series Guerrero introduced in February of 2022 where he and other Sag-Aftra members from across the U.S. claim to be discriminated against, ignored, and in some cases, disrespected by the very union who vowed to protect them. "I am outraged by the relentless push to get all members vaxxed despite the facts that those who did not get the shot do not pose a threat to those who did." says Guerrero. Adding "Hence there is no logical reason for these mandates to go on." On his latest video he raises many questions as to "Why the mandates?" and suggests "there should be a full investigation." This latest episode of the series depicts possible connections the unions have with the government as well as the unbalanced rules set for some of the union's members but not for the privileged union leaders.

While the rest of the world appears to be going back to normal, Sag-Aftra is following the course of the Biden Administration who simultaneously extended the National Health Emergency weeks after Biden himself declared "The Pandemic is Over" as highlighted on the Part 10 Trailer.

For many members, these mandates are senseless, illogical, and erroneous. And the timing similarities of the extensions have raised questions and red flags about the motives.

Among the first to speak out and start this movement are:

Chuck Slavin, a relentless force leading the exhausting effort behind the movement to end these discriminatory mandates. Slavin faces extremely intense situations behind the scenes as he sacrifices an enormous amount of his time to make things happen. Slavin is credited with connecting many of the people who are currently in this fight, including Hollywood stars, National and local Sag-Aftra Board Members and other discriminated members.

Hollywood Stunt Legend Debbie Evans (National Board Member standing for members freedom of choice. 7 time Taurus World Stunt Award Winner and stuntwoman for 45 years and counting. Over 400 Movie, TV and Commercial Credits.)

Sally Kirkland gives a heartbreaking testimony. Sally is a Multi-Award winning Actress including a "Golden Globe Award for Best Actress".

References of Hollywood stars sounding-off their voices against mandates:

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Tens of Thousands of Sag-Aftra Members continue to be denied opportunity for work as seen in "Un-Masking The Mandates".

"The Hypocrisy shown in this video series alone demonstrates a double standard that cannot be tolerated nor accepted by most." Guerrero exclaims! Adding that "There is an attempt to cancel some of these stars for speaking. Social Media outlets have censored our video series forcing us to move our videos to other platforms that allow freedom of speech. But the more they try to shut us up, the LOUDER we get."

Watch the entire series here:

Hollywood Against Mandates (HAM), responsible for several actions including a letter writing campaign: which garnered over 12,000 actions is urging their supporters to reach out to Carlos and Chuck for national actions against the RTWA. HAM included Chuck's personal phone and email in their latest newsletter. Please reach out to Carlos Guerrero [email protected] or Chuck Slavin [email protected] if you have been discriminated against by a production.


Carlos Guerrero Miami, FL (786) 488-2418

Chuck Slavin Boston, MA (781) 789-3145

Sag-Aftra Members Against Vax Mandates are a dedicated team of not for any profit or donation who have been affected negatively or who do not like the policies of the RTW set in place.

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