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Best of 10 K-Innovation Companies of the Innovative Technology Show 2022

On their products and technologies, the judges evaluated their quality and performance, cost competitiveness, potential of sustainable growth, and influence to the international industry.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, November 08, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- ITS 2022 K-Innovative Showcase Awards show decided the best Korean SME out of 10 pre-selected competitors. On their products and technologies, the judges evaluated their quality and performance, cost competitiveness, potential of sustainable growth, and influence to the international industry. Here are brief introductions from the first half of 10 finalists.

1. Secuworks Cp., Ltd.
The 'Smart Sound Field Security solution' is an innovative product that has obtained new technology certification and new product certification. It forms a sound field in a secure space, analyzes the pattern of sound field change due to intrusion and temperature change, and notifies the control system and mobile application when a risk occurs. provides. Using the reflection and diffraction of sound, there is no detection blind spot, the detection speed is fast, and it is possible to detect the symptoms of a fire, so it is possible to prevent a fire before it occurs. In addition, since it is based on core algorithm technology, it can be used as a standalone product or as a complementary product, and can be easily linked with smart IoT products.

Smart Strapping Head is a high-performance and high-efficiency strapping head that is equipped with Load Cell inside the head and applies the electrically driven method for the first time in Korea and abroad. Load Cell inside the Smart Strapping Head provides the real time monitoring of the binding force which is the smart concept intelligent mechanical technology. High quality packaging quality of steel products and all other packaging products that can be expanded and applied through real-time monitoring. The industry's first electric drive Smart Strapping Head is completely different with conventional pneumatic head and can gain the upper hand in technology in global competition with advanced foreign companies that occupy more than 90% of domestic and foreign steel coil packaging logistics lines.

3. Ison Co., Ltd.
"ON Station 10" is a station installed at a height of several meters high where the drone is waiting to be charged before carrying out its mission. Once given the order, the door of hangars be opened and monitor BVLOS on designated routes. Control and video signals are based on 5G communication. In addition to unmanned charge hangar protection, drone operation management such as support for weather conditions can be supported to provide the best condition information for drone flight to increase the reliability of all operations

VIRTUE RF is a 3rd generation RF Microneedling device, a medical device for skin rejuvenation treatments.
RF Microneedling delivers the RF energy to the skin, thereby boosting skin rejuvenation. The improved skin rejuvenation makes it possible to tackle a wide range of patient concerns from skin firming, wrinkles, pores, melasma, and acne. In particular, VIRTUE RF's three handpieces offer more treatment options for your practice. Its 4 unique technologies deliver more energy to increase the effect with less pain and side effects than previous devices: ACS(Advanced Cooling System), IPRS(Integrated Pulsed Radiofrequency System), IECS(Integrated Energy Control System), MDCS(Minimum Depth Control System). We have all the patents for these technologies, the industry's first, to offer the safest and most effective treatments.

5. P&S Technology Co., Ltd
PS-21GP Series is a machine that ejects all the bad preforms by inspecting the entire surface of it, the inspected surface area includes Neck of preform, and Its possible with our specialized design structures like 3 wheels rotary type mechanical structure and Mirror tracking system. PS-21GP feature perfect performance to eject which cut & scratch on the top seal surface and surface condition after removing the gate nub are inspected on PR Preform.

We guarantee perfect performance to inspect the particle, bubble and very small defects on sidewall. Especially world's first system is to make up of one equipment with preform whole surface inspection function and Gate Nub removal equip- ment. User don't need separately to purchase for gate cutting system and preform inspection system's arrangement.
Before the 'K-Innovation Company Showcase', the organizers held the competition on innovative and pioneering Korean startups, for a chance to present their new product and technology on stage. Out of the 245 SMEs that applied, 10 companies won the fierce competition of 24 to 1, to showcase their new technology and products as finalists.

Following 10 finalists made to the showcase stage: Kanavi Mobility (scanning LiDAR sensor products), EVERCHEMTECH (eco-friendly material, NEXRIER), IntelliVIX (deep learning-based CCTV video analyzer), Jijun System (intelligent general parking management system), Secuworks (sound field security sensor), NES&TEC (multi-purpose drones), JPS (electric band for packaging steel products), Ison (drone charging station), SHENB (high-frequency energy utilizing medical devices), P&S Technology (food and beverage (PET bottle) defect inspection equipment).

SINA (China), Vietnamplus (Vietnam), Lecafedugeek (France), Techno-edge (Japan), Ubergizmo (USA), AVING Global (Korea), and STARTUPWORLD.TECH (Europe) attended as the global media judges on the K-Innovation Company Showcase.

JPES won the grand prize with the core unit of steel packaging and bundling equipment, which automatically bands and binds steel products like steel coils and pipes. EVERCHEMTECH, which showcased an environmental high-barrier film with higher oxygen barrier properties than existing high-barrier materials and high recyclability, and SHENB, which exhibited medical devices that use high-frequency energy to treat facial diseases like ptosis, blemishes, and acne, won Excellence Award.

Hosted and overseen by 7 organizations including the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and the Innobiz Association, the '23rd Innovative Technology Show (ITS 2022)' concluded as the Korea's biggest SME centered innovative technology event. With the theme of "Tech-Innovation, Talk to the Future!", the event consisted of multiple events including the K-Innovation Company Showcase, Innovative Technology Seminar, key contributor awards, and overseas technology exchange. The organizers chose digital transformation and carbon neutrality, as major agendas for SMEs today. They also discussed the direction for innovative tech SMEs in the digital economy era.

ITS 2022 | K-innovative Company Showcase

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