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Clearance Deal Platforms Help Protect the Environment

Clearance deal platforms, the best solution to clear warehouses

An excellent solution to clear unwanted products out of warehouses as well as protect the environment is using clearance deals and coupon platforms.

    HANGZHOU, CHINA, November 14, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Every year, millions of items are planned to be cleared out from the warehouses since the products are in overstock, seasonal, etc. and merchants always try to find the best solution to clear their warehouses and save warehousing costs especially if they are selling their products in overseas countries and they don't own the warehouses. 

Due to warehousing costs, if merchants cannot sell their unwanted items and clear warehouses, the products may be destroyed and it is harmful to the environment. Many natural resources are used to manufacture these products; however, warehousing costs may lead to destroying them since it is more profitable for merchants to destroy the items rather than pay the warehousing costs. A report by ITV News shows the rate of destroying items in an Amazon warehouse that is only an example of what is happening in other warehouses.

In this article, we are going deeper into how clearance deals and coupon websites help merchants to clear unwanted items out of warehouses.

Before explaining how deal and coupon websites can help prevent destroying unwanted items, we should answer this question: What do merchants do to find customers for their clearance items? There are several solutions available including adding these products in a separate section on their websites as clearance items or sending an email or publishing a post on their social networks and announcing the clearance. However, if they cannot sell these items, they will search for new ways and they may use coupon and deal websites. Coupon and deal platforms are an excellent solution to clear these unwanted items and there are several platforms for the merchants to publish their deals. 

One of these platforms is All For Clearance ( All For Clearance is a startup striving to collect and publish all clearance deals on one website. Clearance sale deals on the website are added to the website with these two methods:

1- All For Clearance's staff are searching for the best deals on the web and sharing them with visitors.

2- Merchants can submit their deals on the website at a fraction of the cost.

A great advantage of this platform is there is no requirement for the merchants to publish their deals compared to some other deal websites that require the merchants to be a member of an affiliate marketplace like Impact, ShareASale, etc.

The deals are published for several days, then they expire and are removed from the listings; therefore, the deals remain fresh. Moreover, the merchants can update their deals even after it is published on the website to keep the deal details up to date.

Both retail and wholesale deals on one website

Both wholesale and retail sellers can submit their deals on the All For Clearance website. They only need to specify the minimum order quantity of the items when they add the deal details and visitors will see it on the deal detail page.

Here are some frequently asked questions about this website:

Does All For Clearance sell clearance sale products?

All For Clearance does not sell the products and only connects the shoppers with merchants. If merchants have an online store or they sell the item on marketplaces, they can enter the link and it will be visible in the deal details section. However, if they don't have any online store, don't sell on marketplaces, or want to sell the items wholesale, a contact form is provided on the deal web page and the shoppers can fill it out to reach out to merchants.

Is All For Clearance free for shoppers?

All For Clearance is 100% free for shoppers. The buyers can search and find the best deals and click to purchase or contact the deal owners.

Why should merchants use the All For Clearance website?

Although there are multiple deal and coupon websites, each one has its pros and cons. It is recommended that the merchants use as many deals and coupon websites as they can when they plan to clear their warehouses.


An excellent solution to clear unwanted products out of warehouses as well as protect the environment is using clearance deals and coupon platforms. All For Clearance is a website to publish sale clearance deals and digital coupons for shoppers.

All For Clearance is a startup with the ambition to become the best clearance deals platform on the internet.

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