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Powerful Antiaging & Longevity Supplement NMN Has Just Been Removed from the Approved List of Supplements

This move is furthering suspicion within the supplement industry that big pharma is actively seeking ways to favor drug makers over natural health-based companies.

    SCOTTSDALE, AZ, November 24, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Recently the FDA has reversed its original approval of the supplement NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide). This means that it can no longer be marketed as a dietary supplement. Currently, the decision is not being actively enforced but manufacturers are on alert.

This is a 180-degree reversal of its original decision to add NMN to the approved list.

The reason behind this reversal isn't that NMN is a danger to anyone, nor that it doesn't work as claimed. In fact, the problem seems to stem from Big Pharma's desire to patent this molecule because it is producing such beneficial results. Along with the decision it has simultaneously been authorized for investigation as a new drug.

This move is furthering suspicion within the supplement industry that big pharma is actively seeking ways to favor drug makers over natural health-based companies.

NMN is far from the first natural supplement that has shown highly successful results that have undergone this same mistreatment. Both CBD and NAC have gone through similar battles.

What is NMN?

If you are unfamiliar with NMN it is a naturally occurring molecule that is a precursor to the coenzyme NAD+ that is found naturally in all living cells. NAD+ is essential to sustain life and is one of the most versatile molecules in the body. It is and has been an area of focus for aging research. NMN is known for helping to increase longevity, subdue age-related weight gain, help regulate insulin levels, speed DNA repair, improve brain health, boost heart health, slow the aging process including age-related diseases, and even increase athletic performance with no side effects.

Government Overreach – The FDA's Favorite Game

As far as the Supplement Companies are concerned this is once again a case of overreach based on profit rather than safety.

What This Means for Those Who Take NMN Supplements

While the future of NMN remains up in the air, what is certain are the results.

NMN has been found to be one of the most successful delivery methods to reintroduce NAD+ back into the body in a natural and gentle way that successfully boosts NAD+ levels in the cells giving you the health benefits you have been searching for.

NMN taken supplementally (such as we have formulated with our very own With-N Cell Activation Renewal) has proven to be the most efficient and effective delivery system to keep your NAD+ levels at peak performance levels. This means better health, clarity of mind, and more energy to face the day. The FDA and Big Pharma recognize this. It is for this very reason that they seek a drug patent.

Where We Stand

We are seeing a rush on NMN across the board from supplier to supplier. Retailers and formulators are urging customers to stock up as there is no exact set date for the supply chain shut down on NMN delivery or exactly when the FDA will put the ban officially into place where formulators would face penalties and fines should they continue production.

Here at RenovoVita, it is upsetting, but not surprising, to see the FDA & big pharmaceutical manufacturers attacking people's health and well-being in the name of profit.

Our Recommendation

Now is the time to stock up and save! Though the ban has been declared, it has not yet been put into effect. As demand increases, so will the price across the board. Please visit to learn more about this amazing product or to place your order for With-N Cell Renewal Activation NMN Formula.


If you are so inclined to help fight this war on natural health, you can write to the FDA directly and voice your opinion on the NMN Ban by calling 1-888-INFO-FDA or emailing [email protected] .

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