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Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Improve Long COVID Symptoms?

Studies have shown that traditional Chinese medicine can improve post-COVID Conditions.

    HONG KONG, November 25, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Since the COVID-19 epidemic, the World Health Organization estimates that about 10% to 20% of people infected with COVID-19 may suffer from medium and long-term "COVID-19 sequelae", including fatigue, dyspnea, and cognitive dysfunction. The long-term COVID not only threatens public health but also severely impacts the social economy.

Dr. Li, a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner at the long covid care center. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, he has been devoting himself to preventing and controlling the epidemic. During this period, he has accumulated a lot of experience treating long COVID with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. He has been actively researching better ways of integrating traditional Chinese and Western medicine to treat post-COVID Conditions. Dr. Lai Xiangjun from the Department of Internal Medicine of the Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University also said that long COVID can be improved through traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, breathing and body exercises, physique conditioning, and health-care tea.

Infection by pathogenic substances such as viruses and bacteria is collectively referred to as "wind" in traditional Chinese medicine. Due to the cold, hot, and humid body constitution, the symptoms and syndromes will change after the illness. Chinese medicine gives corresponding drug treatment according to different constitutions and syndrome types, so-called different treatment methods for the same disease, and the same treatment method for various conditions.
Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners look, smell, ask, and feel to obtain more precise disease information about patients to support Chinese medicine practitioners in making the most accurate syndrome differentiation and treatment for patients' conditions.

TCM doctors will classify and summarize the main symptoms, accompanying secondary symptoms, physical condition, and sick parts of the internal organs of the patients according to the most comprehensive disease information of the patients.

First, the main symptoms are the most unbearable symptoms of patients at present, such as dizziness.

Second, accompanying secondary symptoms are that suffered from the main symptoms, which means the patient is experiencing other uncomfortable symptoms, such as occasional chronic headache.

Third, to find out the physical condition of the patient, which means the patient's current physical health status, belongs to which category in the TCM constitution. For example, yang-deficiency constitution, phlegm-dampness constitution, qi-deficiency constitution, blood stasis constitution, etc.

Combining the patient's condition with the physical examination report and inspection report of Western medicine, the TCM doctor comprehensively uses TCM theory and practical experience to prescribe TCM prescriptions for the patient.

Tea drinks for epidemic prevention are recommended by the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University

Composition: Astragalus propinquus, Largehead Atractylodes Rhizome, Wild Honeysuckle Flower Bud, Fern Rhizome, and eight other herbs.

Efficacy: Reinforcing Qi, detoxification, strengthening resistance to DELTA mutant virus strains.

Chinese medicine prescription recommended by Long covid care center
(1) Banxia Tianma Pills are used to invigorate the spleen and removing dampness, reducing phlegm and wind, and lessen dizziness symptoms.
(2) Mailuotong capsule is used to dredge meridian vascular congestion.
(3) Xifeng Tongluo Headache Tablets are used to clear away heat and toxic substances and reduce the symptoms of chronic headache.

Acupuncture program given by the TCM: apply electronic moxibustion at the following acupoints.
(1)Baihui, Ashi, Shenyu, and Guanyuan point to improve brain metabolism.

Dr. Li also recommends breathing and body exercises, such as Baduanjin and Taijiquan are perfect methods. In terms of life and diet, people must maintain good work and rest and living habits, such as drinking plenty of water, maintaining adequate sleep, doing more gentle stretching exercises, and avoiding high-intensity strenuous exercise; avoiding grilled, fried, and spicy foods in your diet, and avoid intake of Excessive sweets, ice products, do not drink alcohol, etc.

Long COVID Care Center is an online consultation center for the treatment of post-Covid Conditions. Our doctors have long-term experience in researching COVID-19 and long-term COVID-19, and have written many papers on the treatment of long-term COVID symptoms. Here, you can consult with our attending doctor for a personalized treatment plan of integrative medicine.

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