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Maik Wiedenbach Adopts Data-Driven Approach to Bodybuilding

No Pain, No Gain Mentality

    NEW YORK, NY, December 01, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- NYC Best personal trainer and best-selling author Maik Wiedenbach has revealed his science-based approach for his workout programs. Wiedenbach, a former Olympic-level swimmer and an NYU Professor, mentioned that the identification and collection of the right data make personal training sessions better and more effective.

Highlighting the benefits of data monitoring and its importance in sports, Wiedenbach noted that the focus on data analytics makes fitness or gym workout safer and more effective. Just like swimmers measure different stats like VO2 max, time off the blocks, speed of turn, stroke rates, and pace to improve their performance, bodybuilders should adopt this approach as well, he said.

The New Approach

Maik Wiedenbach proposes to use data analytics to maximize each workout. The basic mechanics of getting fit is to challenge and stress your body so that it results in increased muscle mass and the loss of adipose tissue or fat, he mentioned.

The new approach involves understanding which variables are measurable and worth tracking during a workout. The metrics can be separated into two categories- external and internal.

External Metrics - These include the weight for each rep that is properly executed, the training volume, time under tension as well as overall training frequency per week.

Internal Metrics - Muscle activation, proper form in execution, and stability are some of the internal metrics that can be measured to improve your workouts

The measuring of these factors will require a workout partner who knows what to track and how. A highly specialized coach will be the best person to measure these factors.

The monitoring of these metrics can help gym goers and bodybuilders study and analyze their progress besides aiding in muscle building in less time. The analysis of this data will also help them discover which muscle groups lag and need more work. Another benefit of this data-driven approach to fitness is enhanced safety, prevention of injuries, and better insights for effective results.

The Use of The Right Machines is Important Too!

The new approach involves not only the use of data but the right machines. Maik Wiedenbach has imported several special machines from Europe for his gym in New York City. "The way they're set up in terms of biomechanics, they're simply better than anything else out there. The quality of the material is better, too,"

He stated, For effective and correct data these machines need to be synchronized to work up with a body. Another area that needs to be focused on setting goals that are feasible and not unrealistic. Referring to programs that focus on a "ten minutes a day, three times in a week" framework to yield results that make you a professional athlete, Wiedenbach mentioned that they are not the correct way to train elite athletes. The top athletes continue to train two times a day for two hours and there is sound research behind this training technique, he added.

Wiedenbach does not recommend punishing workouts and calls the "no pain, no gain mentality," fundamentally wrong. The fitness journey should be a lifestyle that can be consistently followed over time, he mentions. He works to help people improve their quality of life and change their physiques by setting realistic goals and working towards them smartly.

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