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Improving People's Cognitive Abilities by Stimulating the Brain's Sensory Cortex Using Fingertip Tracing

    LAS VEGAS, NV, December 08, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Sensory and tactile stimulation plays a primary role in brain and cognitive development, growth, and functioning by keeping the sensory cortex active and engaged. The stimulations act as exercises for the brain and keep it active and healthy, like physical exercise helps maintain a person's physical fitness.

Tactile and sensory stimulation involves any activity that engages the brain and sensory cortex to accomplish objectives. Repetitively stimulating the senses keeps the sensory cortex and neural network alive and active by firing and wiring the neurons. The human brain activates a particular set of neurons while creating a unique neural network after receiving new stimuli from the olfactory, auditory, gustatory, tactile, and visual senses. The brain learns and records the type, sequence, and grouping of neurons for internal and external stimuli. For example, people can instantly recognize an animal by seeing a picture or identify food items by smelling mainly because their brain memorized the neural sequence due to repetitive behavior or actions.

Stimulating the brain or sensory cortex involves repeating actions to train the brain to memorize the neural sequence necessary for reacting to stimuli. Keeping the brain active through tactile senses is essential for developing and maintaining cognitive health because touching various surfaces or objects keeps the neurons active. People can stimulate their neurons by touching or tracing different objects and patterns because the mechanoreceptors under the skin of the fingertips constantly send information to the sensory cortex. The Brainpaths neurological medical device aims to stimulate the brain's sensory cortex through repetitive tactile sensory functioning. The innovative device helps improve and maintain cognitive functioning by encouraging people to trace various patterns with their fingers.

The Brainpaths device improves cognitive functioning by firing and wiring neurons in the brain by utilizing their sense of touch. The Brainpaths device activates over 3,000 mechanoreceptors simultaneously under the ten fingers. People repeatedly trace the pattern on the circular pad of the device with their fingers. Tracing the patterns activates the mechanoreceptors that send signals to the brain to fire (activate) and wire (develop networks) neurons. The repetitive tracing on the same pattern fires and wires the same set of neurons every time, significantly increasing the brain's ability to memorize neural network responses. Memorizing the neural sequence and networks is beneficial for enhancing memory and cognitive functioning while preventing dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and other neurodegenerative and memory disorders. The Brainpaths device helps prevent memory and cognitive disorders among the elderly by keeping their minds healthy and active.

Memory and neurodegenerative diseases adversely affect a person's memory and ability to function adequately due to challenges in recognizing and recalling particular actions or behavior. However, maintaining an active brain and sensory cortex significantly reduces the probability of memory disorders. The Brainpaths device activates the brain by stimulating the sensory cortex through 3,000 mechanoreceptors under the skin of the fingertips. Users trace or indent their fingers on the unique patterns on the Brainpaths device to activate tactile sensory stimuli that compel the brain to activate the same network and sequence of neurons every time. The repetitive firing and wiring of the neurons keep the neurological and cognitive functions active while enhancing the brain's ability to retain sensory memories. Training the brain and sensory cortex to memorize repetitive tasks significantly enhances mental functioning. It also helps prevent memory loss by keeping the brain active in the later stages of life.

Millions of people develop Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and several other neurodegenerative or memory and cognitive disorders, especially during later stages of life. Although the causes of most cognitive disorders are unknown, people can prevent or delay the onslaught of such diseases during old age by engaging in activities that keep the brain active. Some prominent activities that enhance the brain include playing games, solving puzzles or crosswords, reading, and writing. Stimulating the neurons by activating or stimulating any of the senses is an excellent technique for keeping the brain active and preventing memory disorders. The Brainpaths devices fire and wire the neurons to keep the sensory cortex and brain active while minimizing the probability of memory loss and neurological disorders among the elderly. The device improves millions of people's cognitive and mental abilities by stimulating the brain's sensory cortex using fingertip tracing. The neurological device increases cognitive and neurological performance by stimulating the tactile sensory systems through over 3,000 mechanoreceptors under the fingertips. The Brainpaths medical device minimizes the risk of neurodegenerative disorders and memory issues in the later stages of life by keeping the brain active and engaged.

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