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Brainpaths Devices - Filling a Gap in the Neurological Health Sector through Brain-Stimulating Devices

Filling a Gap in the Neurological Health Sector through Brain-Stimulating Devices

    LAS VEGAS, NV, December 10, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Neurological development comprises the growth and development of the various brain sections through the different stages of life. Neurological health comprises medical issues or disorders related to the neurological system and the brain, along with their prevention and treatment. Doctors, scientists, and neurological experts devise various invasive and noninvasive strategies and techniques to address multiple brain and neurological health issues. Treating neurological and cognitive disorders is challenging, and most methods focus on preventive approaches. Neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer's and memory-related problems like dementia affect millions worldwide due to a lack of preventive measures. However, preventive techniques and practices like playing board games, solving puzzles or crosswords, reading, and writing can significantly reduce the symptoms and likelihood of dementia and other diseases.

Prevention plays a primary role in minimizing the onslaught of dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and several other cognitive or neurodegenerative disorders. Medical practitioners and neurologists recommend several practices, behavioral changes, and interventions for improving mental and cognitive health. Healthy and productive mental activities like solving puzzles or playing board games are also helpful in relaxing elderly patients while improving their cognitive functioning. There is a significant need for daily exercises and activities that stimulate the brain and improve synapse connections while relaxing the patients. Although sudoku, crossword puzzles, table games, drawing, reading, coloring, and other cognitive activities engage the brain, they do not fire and wire the neurons to enhance synapse connections. The Brainpaths neurological device is meeting an unmet need and filling a significant gap in the neurological health sector by offering a device that fires and wires the neurons and improves synapse connections.

Firing and wiring the neurons involve activating neurons and developing internetworks among different neurons to respond to internal and external stimuli. Activities that utilize or engage the different sensory systems fire and wire the neurons while keeping the sensory cortex in the brain active. Tracing the unique patterns on the Braitnpaths device fires and wires the neurons through over 3,000 mechanoreceptors in the skin under the fingertips. Users can trace the indented patterns on the device with open or closed eyes to stimulate the mechanoreceptors to fire and wire the neurons. Repeating the tracing movement activates and interconnects the same set of neurons each time, significantly improving the brain's response to the stimuli. The Brainpaths device aims to reinforce synapse connections and improve cognition and memory by stimulating the neurons.

Stimulating the brain and sensory cortex by utilizing over 3,000 mechanoreceptors under the skin of the fingertips enhances cognition and memory while relaxing the patients. The Brainpaths medical device is suitable and beneficial for all ages due to its ease of use and accessibility. However, it is ideal for elderly patients because it reduces the risk and intensity of memory and neurological disorders. Using the device to trace patterns with fingers keeps the mind and neurological system active because the activity constantly fires and wires thousands of neurons. The device is also beneficial for children because it helps in neurological development during the early stages of life. The Brainpaths medical device is an innovative mechanism that fills a significant gap in neurological health due to the lack of a noninvasive and non-powered neurological system focusing on the sense of touch.

The neurological health sector has an unmet need for a technique or device that improves people's cognitive functioning, synapse connections, and memory while offering relaxation. The Brainpaths device fulfills the unmet need by offering a circular fingertip-tracing non-powered pad to help patients and users enhance their cognitive functioning by tracing and indenting their fingers on the pattern. Repetitive tracing fires and wires thousands of neurons simultaneously to improve synapse connections, memory, and brain functioning through a relaxed and simple approach. The non-powered neurological device is an innovative mechanism enabling people to keep their brains and sensory cortex active by stimulating the sense of touch. The repetitive finger movement and tracing on the Brainpaths device pattern improves sensory stimulation, memory, and cognitive abilities while reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

The brain needs regular and frequent exercise, similar to the body, to stay active and fit. However, people are usually unaware of the adequate behavior or activities that constitute mind exercise. Numerous activities like playing table or video games, solving puzzles or crosswords, and engaging in creative activities improve cognitive functioning. However, a lack of a dedicated device for enhancing cognition and memory results in a gap in the neurological health sector. The Brainpaths neurological medical device fulfills the unmet need by offering a dedicated, innovative, and simple device that helps users and patients exercise their brains by tracing their fingers on textured patterns.

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