All Press Releases for December 13, 2022

Drs. Thomas Wright and Karen Herbst Report Cases of Liposuction Causing Lymphedema in Patients with Lipedema

Liposuction is its derivative surgical procedures are increasingly used to treat and reduce symptoms and disabilities caused by lipedema. These are the first Published Reports of Liposuction Causing Lymphedema in women with Lipedema.

"We are beginning to treat lipedema more regularly and more successfully, but we need to widely share possible complications to help lessen their occurrence and improve care." Dr. Wright.

    ST. LOUIS, MO, December 13, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dr. Thomas Wright and Dr. Karen Herbst have co-authored a new peer-reviewed publication in the American Journal of Case Reports presenting a series of case studies on lymphatic injury after suction lipectomy in women with lipedema.

Dr. Wright stated, "This publication reports on three cases of lymphatic injury after suction lipectomy [liposuction] in patients with lipedema and addresses the question, can liposuction cause lymphatic injury in patients with lipedema?"

Lipedema is a subcutaneous fat and connective tissue disorder causing excess accumulation of diseased fat in the legs, hips, and arms and is believed to affect up to 11% of the female population. Despite so many women being affected by this condition, lipedema is poorly recognized and understood by the healthcare community, leaving many women undiagnosed and searching for answers.

Studies have shown women with lipedema have impaired lymph function. After medical grade compression and anti inflammatory diet have been implemented, one of the most effective and common treatments for lipedema is a reduction surgery, which is a derivative of liposuction. Among medical experts, there has been debate on whether precautions to protect lymphatic structure and function should be used when treating patients with modified liposuction reduction surgery. More study of the relationship between lipedema and lymphatics is needed, including the potential impairment of lymphatic function in women with lipedema. Poor awareness of lipedema leads many women with lipedema to be misdiagnosed as suffering from obesity which delays needed care.

Dr. Wright and Dr. Herbst are both committed to bringing attention to this condition and were authors on the first-ever recently published guidelines in the US, documenting the standard of care for diagnosis and treatment of lipedema. In addition, Dr. Wright is collaborating with the Washington University School of Medicine and The Lipedema Foundation on a study currently going on to better understand lipedema's resistance to weight loss and better understand the biology of lipedema.

To read more about the case reports, the publication can be found here:

Dr. Thomas Wright is in private practice and an independent clinical researcher. He is the medical director of Laser Lipo and Vein Center and the surgical director of Lipedema Surgical Solutions. Dr. Wright is board certified in Venous and Lymphatic medicine with over 25 years of practice experience. He is an author of over a dozen abstracts and publications on the diagnosis and treatment of lipedema.

Dr. Karen Herbst is a prolific author, researcher and authority on Lipedema. She is the lead author of the US Standard of Care Guideline for lipedema. She is head of research for Total Lipedema Care located in Beverly Hills, CA and Tuscon, AZ. Dr Herbst is a world renowned lecturer and advocate for better understanding and recognition of subcutaneous fat disorders including lipedema. Dr. Herbst is leading an effort for the US adoption of ICD-10 code specifically for lipomatosis disease of lipedema.

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