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[Korea Contact-Free] CMS Media "Take care of health by exercising with K-pop"

Introducing the result of realistic live home training platform development next year

    LOS ANGELES, CA, December 14, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- CMS Media (CEO Min-san Choi), a content specialized company, is enhancing corporate competitiveness by participating in the 'Close-to-Life Contact-Free Leading Service Project' enforced by the Ministry of Science and ICT and National IT Industry Promotion Agency (Director Seong-wook Heo, hereinafter NIPA).

The 'Close-to-Life Contact-Free Leading Service Project', which is a great help in commercializing excellent technologies, is to develop, demonstrate, distribute and spread Contact-Free leading services that are closely related to the daily life of the people. Through this project, the Ministry of Science and ICT and NIPA plan to nurture global oriented contact-free service companies while enhancing the competitiveness of Korea's service and software industries. Following last year, this year is the second year of the project. It will be implemented in two parts (Two tracks), such as upgrading last year's contact-free service and developing new services this year.

CMS Media was selected as a designated task for the home training field of this project and develops and introduces a 'Contact-free augmented live home training platform' with Culture Connection and Entwiz Soft.

CMS Media was established in 2011 and recognized for their media technology by carrying out 'Tip&Tech' training for field workers and equipment maintenance for the Korea Creative Content Agency's 'UHD 3D Professional Training'. Afterwards, they received a request to share training contents from institutions that conduct similar training, and a proposal to use new equipment from an importer. They have been conducting businesses such as education, system establishment and operation, and content production. Currently, they are in charge of managing the latest equipment of several institutions and has strengths in businesses such as media, AR/VR/XR technology education, content production, system construction, operation, research and development.

The company's representative technology is 'Virtual Production Content Creation'. As part of XR (extended reality), it is a technology that combines media and ICT technologies. CMS Media has developed their own FreeD type Camera Tracking Data acquisition technology to localize camera tracking technology, which is indispensable for virtual technology, but has not yet developed to the commercialization stage. Currently, Volumetic Capture technology, which enables 360° multi-view object observation, is being researched and developed after receiving technology transfer from ETRI in 2020.

CMS Media is supplying products related to new technology such as the latest video equipment (AR/VR/XR/motion capture, etc.) to universities and public institutions. They are installing, and also educating the new equipment. Last year, DID Stytem, which provides contact-free classes, was developed and delivered to the Pangyo Metaverse Campus of the NIPA and it is being used for contact-free online classes.

The motivation for the company to participate in the 'Close-to-Life Contact-Free Leading Service Project' is that they have media technology. Due to COVID-19, there were many requests for contact-free production work such as contact-free transmission, online transmission system establishment, and webinar service. While CMS Media was providing home training service through YouTube, they noticed that there was inconvenience with background, communication while exercising and others. They planned to solve these issues through technological advancement. In other words, they wanted to build a platform that can run a virtual production system that allows both hands to be free and communicate easily and a chroma key that can relieve concerns about the shooting background and system. They judged that this kind of system will make high quality contents and maintain the continuity of the exercise, so they applied for the 'Close-to-Life Contact-Free Leading Service Project'.

The main business areas of CMS Media are technical education, SI, and content production rather than product sales. With this participation in the NIPA project, they plan to develop and sell branded products (Bikes, dedicated app) based on the final results.
Xtree Spin Bike

Min-san Choi, CEO of CMS Media, said, "The biggest difference of the platform to be developed through this NIPA project is the sense of space of being together in one space and voice chatting with directions for mutual communication. Minimizing network delay time for services conducted by one-to-many (30 people or less) and providing background images converged with XR virtual production technology, will give us expandability by providing the products to GX programs, sports centers, and education markets, which is for one-to-many people system."

CMS Media was selected as an 'XR device and service production•demonstration support project company' by the Seoul Business Agency last year, and was also selected as 'The right person in the right place program host', demonstrating their virtual production system. In addition, they built the studio system for the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency' and broadcasted contact-free live the '2020 Global Developer Forum' of the Gyeonggi Content Agency. In addition, they participated in projects such as 'ICT Technology Convergence Contents Creation Leader Training' and 'VR Game Test Bed and Experience Zone Establishment•Operation'.

The company hoped that exports could be made to Southeast Asia when conditions permit. CEO Choi said, "The business we participate in is focused on providing real-time live services and performance spinning content at the beginning. In contrast to mental spinning, which focuses on 'How long did you run?' and 'How many hours, how many kilometers per hour, and how many meters did you move?', performance spinning is cardio exercise where people can work out their upper body with K-POP and bring interests into boring workout routine with music and dance." He added, "If it is possible to go overseas after platform optimization and stabilization in the future, we hope to do business in Southeast Asia, where K-pop awareness is high."

He also revealed the changes after participating in the 'Close-to-Life Contact-Free Leading Service Project'. "Through this project, the proportion of XR research and development has increased, and the understanding of various virtual environments such as AR/VR and content production technology is increasing, and corporate awareness is also increasing. Through the result of this project, I was able to increase my understanding of the platform business, which I hadn't had a chance, and the scope of our business also expanded."

Regarding the future vision, CEO Choi said, "The technology we currently possess will be easily implemented by anyone after a certain amount of time or as hardware technology develops. We want to grow into a company specializing in content production that converges other fields by quickly approaching new technologies tailored to the changing times without stopping here."

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