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Patricia Blake: How One Woman's Traumatic Experience Can Inspire a Nation

Retired police lieutenant, Patricia Blake is launching her latest book and spreading the good word to all those ready to hear it. With an exciting slate of 2022-23 events on the horizon, the future is bright for this dynamic and amazing woman.

He filled me with this incredible spirit of peace and love, knowing that God's presence was there. There is a greater spirit of love and peace watching over us.

    YERINGTON, NV, December 13, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Prolific writer Patricia Blake has gifted the world another eye-opening book that will surely get people talking, as it instills them with a spiritual inspiration that couldn't have come at a better time! Her newest book, Touched by the Hand of God in the City of Angels – SEND ME chronicles her journey of self-discovery and realization that it was in fact God's calling that directed her on her life's path to become a first responder.

Patricia joined the LAPD in 1983 after experiencing a traumatic, near-death experience at 19 years-old. It was this event coupled with her strong belief in God that changed the trajectory of her life and set her along on her new journey.

"God touched me on the shoulder and instantly took away the terror and grief," explains Patricia Blake. "He filled me with this incredible spirit of peace and love, knowing that God's presence was there. There is a greater spirit of love and peace watching over us."

It took Patricia three long years to chronicle all of her thoughts and shape them into the right words needed for this profoundly inspirational book; a book that was written and inspired by her own personal experiences and transformed her life. It is through the retelling of these impactful events that Patricia aims to inspire others as much as she has been inspired. Even though she has witnessed things as a police officer that nobody else should ever have to witness, Patricia hopes that by sharing those experiences readers will gain a better understanding of police officers' lives.

Patricia Blake is a woman who has seen and done it all. She instills inspiration simply by being the amazing individual that she is! That inspiration can be felt with each word from her book Touched by the Hand of God in the City of Angels – SEND ME. It is within this book's pages that readers will discover Patricia's informed perspective of First Responders. She believes that these individuals who are doing their best to protect others need protection themselves and that God has sent angels to watch over them, to ensure that they are shielded from dangers as they carry out God's work. Ms. Blake sees first responders as warriors who are given their calling by God and sent to watch over others during their darkest moments and guide them out of that darkness. She knows that Good Versus Evil does exist and that there are monsters out there who will prey upon people given the opportunity. It is this Good Versus Evil battle that is highlighted within the pages of Blake's book.

"Whom should I send to deliver horrible news to Isaiah's people? Without hesitation, Isaiah responded, 'SEND ME.'" -Prophet Isaiah 6:8

This is a quote from the Bible's Old Testament and one that serves as a mantra for many First Responder warriors who will charge head-on into danger in order to selflessly protect others. Her message is one that resonates with a mass audience and fills them with inspiration. So, it makes sense that her book is highlighted for mass audiences at a series of prestigious upcoming events like the US Book Show and the ALA Annual Conference, where her book will get the visibility it deserves. Ms. Blake expects countless individuals to engage and benefit from her powerful message, in-print and otherwise, at these exciting events:

2023 US Book Show (Virtual) Plus FREE Physical Display at NY Library Association
Following the successful US Book Show events in 2021 and 2022, this event is a must-attend virtual showcase for existing fans and newcomers alike. Attendees will be able to hear industry experts discussing the future of publishing.

American Library Association Annual Conference:
6/27/2023 (All Day Event) San Diego, CA
This is the world's largest library event, where thousands of librarians, library staff, authors, publishers, and more, come together to discuss important announcements and updates in their field. They will also touch on the major impacts affecting libraries, the role of libraries, and the ongoing transformations that they'll have.

For more information about Patricia Blake and her book please visit her official website here.

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