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Coca-Cola is the most popular brand associated with the Christmas festive season globally

TGM releases one of the world's largest Christmas season surveys to get everyone in the mood for the most wonderful time of the year!

"Christmas is now celebrated worldwide as the bearer of glad tidings and merriment that brings people together." TGM Research CEO, Greg Laski

    SINGAPORE, December 21, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- As the year winds down, another Christmas season is entering our lives again. Like every year, TGM Research has conducted the largest independent Christmas survey across 4 continents and 18 countries. The survey will provide readers with the most interesting insights into how consumers around the world prepare for the most anticipated holiday of the year – their feelings, attitudes, and buying priorities post-pandemic.

TGM Research founder, Greg Laski, commented: "Christmas has gone beyond a Christian celebration. It is now celebrated worldwide as the bearer of glad tidings and merriment that brings people together. It blends with local customs to create new ways of celebrating the holiday. Many prefer to enjoy it uniquely each year. At the same time, some have long-standing customs, leading to complex and diverse perspectives, attitudes, and behaviors of each country's citizens regarding holiday shopping, home decoration, and celebratory activities."

For readers to comprehensively view the Christmas market landscape in each locality, we have prepared a representative sample of more than 14,600 consumers across 18 countries. Check out how consumers in your country are celebrating Christmas this year!

This year's festive season seems to be a special one compared to the previous, as family and friends are now able to spend more time together. There are no more travel restrictions so meeting your loved ones is not so difficult anymore. The following summarizes fascinating insights and dives deeper into the minds of consumers around the world.

• Christmas excitement: About 81% of the participants surveyed globally stated Christmas is the most awaited time of the year. Our survey result shows that 92% of Africans are excited to meet Christmas, followed by Latin Americans (LATAM) (82%), Americans (80%), and Europeans (78%), respectively.

• Preparation for Christmas: Preparation for Christmas varies from one region to another. Our survey result shows that most people will start about a month before. This tradition is more common in the USA, as more than 22% of Americans responded they do so. Africa on the other hand prefers to prepare 1-2 weeks before Christmas at 31%. Europe (26%) and LATAM (24%) share similar preparation practices and choose to start 3-4 weeks before.

• Christmas vibe: The holiday season is the perfect time to connect. Our survey result shows that more than 90% of survey participants like Christmas because they can spend time with their family. Other popular activities during the festive holiday include home cooking (65%) and home decorations (55%).

• Personal involvement in Christmas preparation: Both males and females will be keeping their hands busy this Christmas. Based on our survey result, 71% of females are ready to put smiles on their loved ones' faces with delicious Christmas food, and 50% of males claim are eager to support with kitchen work as well.

Lots of snacks will also be available this Christmas, as 36% of females will prepare snacks for their families. Homes will also be decorated with glamorous Christmas trees as 71% of females and 61% of males are ready to show their decorating skills.

• Christmas tree: Participants were asked which Christmas tree color combination they wish to decorate their homes with for this year's festive season, and the result shows that many are excited to use red (61%) and gold (48%).

• Christmas travel: About 30% of participants plan to travel this Christmas. Our survey result shows that a large number (33%) of participants will travel 2-3 days before Christmas, while the other majority (24%) will travel 1 day before Christmas or on the first day of Christmas.

Interviewees were also asked how long they plan to stay for their trip, 36% of responded 3-7 days, and 28% responded 1-2 days. Other responses were to stay for 1 or 2 weeks.

• Christmas shopping: Most participants (35%) will start Christmas shopping early-December (1st-10th). 30% will start mid-December (11-22nd) and 18% will start mid-November (15th-30th).

About 61% of people will purchase clothing, footwear, and accessories this holiday season. Lots of delicious food will also roll-on tables, as 36% of participants plan to visit the grocery store for food items to prepare tasty meals fors their families and friends.

• Christmas top associated brands: Survey result shows that Coca-Cola (25%) is the most popular brand associated with the festive season, followed by Nike (8%) and Adidas (6%). Other brands associated with Christmas are Amazon, Samsung, Jumbo, Milka, Sadia, and Nestle.

Christmas 2022 will definitely be an exciting and special celebration for everyone around the world as a lot of preparations are put in place to make it extra memorable.

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