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ROM Technologies ™ Specializes In Modern Rehabilitation And Surgery Recovery

See how knee surgery patients recover faster with the ROMTech ® PortableConnect ®.

    HARTFORD, CT, December 28, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- According to the ROMTech ® website, knee surgery patients recovered faster and with less pain after using PortableConnect ®. By the second week post-op, PortableConnect ® patients achieved an average range of motion of 112° compared to only an average of 99° for standard rehab care patients.

PortableConnect ® is a groundbreaking and patented rehabilitation technology developed by ROM Technologies ™. ROMTech ® combines cutting-edge telemedicine technology with orthopedic innovation to achieve quicker surgery recovery and rehabilitation.

It is designed to serve several orthopedic indications. The ROMTech ® revolutionary technology reduces the cost of care, improves patient outcomes, and transforms how postoperative orthopedic care is delivered.

With at-home rehabilitation, hip and knee patients begin therapeutic motion as soon as they complete the surgery. This helps a patient regain range of motion in half the time of conventional physical therapy.

Compared to traditional therapy, patients regain full mobility weeks earlier. They also report significant pain reduction and narcotic usage.

When patients are given the option to recover from the privacy, safety, and comfort of their homes, faster outcomes are to be expected.

Frequent, easy, and light sessions make the body heal quickly. Therefore, PortableConnect ® patients recover and return to their daily activities more quickly and with better mobility and less pain.

By remotely connecting patients and clinicians, PortableConnect ® delivers enhanced diagnostics which facilitates faster recovery. This enriches the quality of life.

According to their website, the PortableConnect ® can constantly track your key health metrics and measure your motion; it shares this data with your doctor in real-time. This enables the clinical team to know how you are doing and if any remedial measures need to be taken. Real-time data sharing facilitates quick clinical outcomes, which lead to faster recovery.

With the PortableConnect ® app, the doctor and the patient can have instant face-to-face communication. This facilitates faster follow-ups and medical check-ins, which will speed up the recovery process.

Your doctor will prescribe a customized treatment plan involving 3-5 sessions per day. In each session, real-time stats are recorded, to track how you are progressing with the treatment. With a personalized plan, recovery is quicker than with a standard plan. That is because it focuses on your condition and needs.

Four therapy modes will guide you to faster and full recovery: Active, Resistance, and Active-Assisted. Each mode has a specific role to play.

With PortableConnect ®, you take the power of your recovery into your own hands facilitating faster recovery. You are able to recover from the comfort of your home. ROMTech ® provides advanced at-home rehabilitation technologies.

Accelerated recovery lowers the cost of medical care and makes you return to a full quality of life.

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