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Got a New Gadget These Holidays? Here's What You Can Do With Your Old One!

Here are some exciting tips on what to do with old gadgets when you get a newer one. So you don't have to throw it away like trash, which is illegal in the first place.

    BLOOMINGTON, IL, December 29, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Christmas just happened and everyone is excited to celebrate the new year, right? This excitement isn't only about having some me-time at home, spending holidays in cozy bedrooms, or planning some fun activities with those who matter in your life.

This excitement is one-way-or-another linked to getting new gadgets from your loved ones. Whether getting a new gaming PC from your dad or the latest iPhone from your grandma, the thought of getting your hands on a new gadget is beyond any comparison!

But did you ever think of what you will do with your older gadget? Whether you're going to give it to your sibling, or maybe you'll be thinking to repair it and sell it to get a better deal, right?

Well, in this blog, we'll share with you some exciting tips on what to do with old gadgets when you get a newer one. So you don't have to throw it away like trash, which is illegal in the first place.

There's A LOT you can do with your old gadget, let's find out!

1. Erase Your Data!

Whether it's your gaming PC, smartphone, or smartwatch, you can't just start using a new gadget by keeping all your files in the older one. You have to make sure that you have safely transferred the data from the older device to a newer one. It might be your media, documents, applications, or maybe your newly downloaded video games.

Most of the time, it has been noticed that if the hard disk drives (HDDs) are left unused, they get corrupted and lose their data. So, if you just got a brand new gaming PC, make sure to transfer all your important data to the fresh hard drives so your data remains safe. You can also create a cloud backup for it, but it's a subjective choice!

Always erase your data on the older device before giving it to your sibling, or donating it… which leads us to our second tip!

2. Donate Your Old Tech.

Many people can't even afford the tech which for you, is an old one. Donating your old tech is a great way to put some smiles on the faces. Many charities accept gadgets and tech but they do run some legal verifications before accepting them.

Many gadgets can't be donated to charities because they're PG-rated, like your old gaming setup with the entire series of The Witcher videogame series installed. So when it comes to gadgets, many charities have their own regulations which need to be met before you think of donating your old tech.

But there's a lot of stuff that you can donate separately, like your old Fitbit or any other fitness tracking device.

3. Consult Your Retailer.

Many tech retail outlets offer trade-in of old smartphones. You can get a fairly better price when it comes to giving your old smartphone while getting a new one. Apple is one of the leading brands in the market right now which promotes its customers to bring their old devices and trade in with newer ones.

That's a great way of reducing e-waste and an amazing step towards an eco-friendly environment where there's less e-waste.

The best part of it is that you don't have to break your bank to pay for the latest gadget. You can simply bring in your older device, and trade it in with the newer one at a reasonably fair price.

4. Got a Broken Gadget? Repair it!

Need to repair your broken gadget before you give it to someone else? Thoughts of expensive hefty repair bills might be running through your head already, but when it comes to repairing, it's not as expensive as you might think it is!

Sometimes, you might just want to have a quick checkup of your device, and that's it, but you aren't ready to pay just for the "visual diagnostics".

We at Normal Gadgets are here for you without any extra charges for visual diagnostics! We provide FREE visual diagnostics and offer affordable repair services for you. We can fix your broken smartphone, smartwatches, tablet/iPad, PC, laptop, gaming consoles, and whatever you can possibly think of when it comes to gadgets.

Just GIVE US A CALL and turn your broken gadget into a fully functional and ready-to-be-used device once again.

What Else We Do At Normal Gadgets?

1. Smartphone Repairs of ANY Brand.

It's not that we only deal in a specific brand when it comes to repairing, we offer a wide range of repair services including every single brand you can possibly think of! Whether you own Apple, Android, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, HTC, or any other smartphone, we deal in every brand and provide our customers 100% satisfaction!

No matter what the damage is, our team is highly experienced to cope with it. We have a specialty in dealing with smashed screens, broken charging ports, liquid damage, bad batteries, home-button not working, cameras not operating, and every common nightmare that might come your way through a broken smartphone.

2. Recycle with Normal Gadgets!

Technology has advanced at a very rapid rate and the gadget that gets launched at the beginning of the year becomes obsolete by the end of it. One of the biggest reasons is the hyper-competitive nature of this industry. There's this elevated demand from the consumer market that major players in the market are trying their best to meet.

But simultaneously, the world is also highly concerned with the green business practices. The electronics that get obsolete are disposed of and become part of the piles of pollution. But there's a lot of stuff that can be recycled!

During this holiday season, you might think of throwing away your old and broken gadgets in the trash, but there's something you need to know!

It's illegal to throw your electronics in the trash and most states and authorities are seriously concerned about it due to the excessive e-waste pollution. So, if you really want to get rid of your old electronics, you can contact us and get your gadget disposed of according to the state rules and regulations.

Normal Gadgets was created in 2012 in order to provide the best solution to mobile devices that need repair. Normal Gadgets repairs all smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, smartwatches and laptops/PCs. No matter the issue such as cracked screens, batteries, viruses or OS updates, Normal Gadgets is the largest repair center in Central Illinois having repaired over 100,000 devices since our founding day. Learn more about the company and services at

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