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Elevations RTC's Program Specializes In Recreation Programming

Elevations RTC Recreation Program addresses the needs of young kids to participate in activities as part of their personal and social development.

    OGDEN, UT, December 29, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Elevations RTC Recreation Program is their in-house program that addresses the basic need of young kids to participate in activities as part of their personal and social development. The program is designed to encourage kids to interact with other kids, build confidence, promote positive self-esteem, and boost social skills.

According to their website, the Recreation Program is one of their best treatment programs, allowing students to build basic to advanced skills.

The Elevations RTC Recreation Program offers several sport-centered activities such as biking, rock climbing, kayaking, and snowboarding. Students can access the Recreation Program through a daily Physical Education class.

Through the activities they participate in, students can achieve and maintain physical fitness and learn about healthy living.

Students can also build strength and focus through personal workouts in the weight room and the campus gym, or enjoy other students' company in group activities such as soccer, capture the flag, volleyball, basketball, softball, and dodgeball.

Students work closely with staff and respective coaches for each sport so that they can play within an environment that promotes positive interaction. Building positive self-esteem, social skills, learning how to build healthy relationships.

Another key activity that students can sign up for is recreational club activities. At the beginning of the program, a student can pick a club and participate in its activities for 12 weeks.

These clubs encourage students to take on hobbies and other interests that help them express their creativity. From their students' point of view, engaging the mind and body helps develop their confidence.

Doing this helps Contribute to their health and well-being.

Elevations RTC believes that no student is an island - isolated, alone, with no connections.

Within every teen is a potential that can transform them into a creative and productive individual, contributing to society. Many teens go through challenges as a result of their environment or emotional/mental issues that block their progress.

Once these issues are identified and addressed, the child will be able to develop the correct mindset and set of skills necessary to help them grow and learn necessary social skills.

Elevations RTC also focuses on experiential learning. It has been proven repeatedly that kids learn best in an environment where they are introduced to concepts and ideas they can experience.

The concept of team building, for example, can be taught through text and visuals. But when students can experience what it is through activities, it helps them retain the knowledge better.

In turn, helping them practice using it in real-life situations.

At Elevations RTC, students access activities through carefully planned schedules. The activities are introduced in sequence so that students can build on their learnings.

Discussions and activities are presented in fun and engaging modules to encourage students to interact and participate. Activities are varied to allow students to experience different things based on their treatment.

Aside from in-house events, students also go on weekly outings and camping trips that give them opportunities to experience the outdoors and new environments. Through these outings, they also participate in community services, where they learn how valuable their contributions can be, no matter how big or small these are.

Giving back to their community helps encourage students to do better and be better. Help them become more productive members of their respective communities.

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