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SYANTO developed by a Japanese acupuncturist; a smartphone accessory "does not require gripping" has started being sold

Reduction of hand and body pain caused by smartphones among 60% of its users. Compatible with large smartphones and tablets. This is the new era to hold the smartphone by not "gripping" but "put on" your hand.

A smartphone gadget developed by a Japanese acupuncturist

    TOKYO, JAPAN, December 31, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Akebi Academy of Motion (Location: Tokyo, Japan, CEO Shigetoshi Kaitani), whose philosophy is to "make people happy through motion," has developed a smartphone accessory, "SYANTO," which reduces the burden on the body caused by gripping a smartphone, and will be available in the US from December 2022.

A smartphone gadget developed by a Japanese acupuncturist by simply hooking the leather smartphone ring onto the little finger, it maintains the "bottom support" way of holding the phone, which lowers the center of gravity of the phone, and greatly reduces the burden on the fingers. It prevents finger pain and deformation, and reduces various symptoms derived from using a smartphone for a long hour, such as stiff shoulders, hunchback, smartphone neck, rolled shoulders, and eyestrain. It's designed to hook onto the fingers, making it also suitable for theft prevention.

The human body changes through the "accumulation of motion". The developer's wish is to reduce the burden on the body, prevent illness, and improve the quality of life with an active body because smartphones are a familiar part of our daily lives.

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- Background of SYANTO development

Shigetoshi Kaitani, the developer of "SYANTO," noticed the fact in his daily practice at his acupuncture clinic that the number of adults and children with bad posture was increasing year by year.

In fact, according to a survey conducted on 1,000 people, it was found that about 60% of them have problems caused by smartphones.

Various symptoms such as hand exhaustion, finger pain, stiff shoulders, and eyestrain were cited, and some also said that "the larger size of smartphones has put extra strain on my fingers."

- The cause of those symptoms was occurred by gripping the phone tightly in order not to drop it.

We tend to grip a smartphone tight unconsciously maybe because of its high cost to repair its screen when its cracked by dropping it.

This causes the entire arm to tense up and become tense all the time and it eventually lead to various symptoms in the fingers as well.

Examples of hand and finger symptoms

- Texting Thumb… Inflammation and pain develops in the thumb. The condition is difficult to heal.
- Smartphone Pinky… Acquired finger deformity due to long hours of supporting a smartphone with the little finger.

Symptoms such as fingers that do not line up neatly can occur.

Also, in the field of acupuncture, there is a belief that "the little finger is connected to the back." and when you hold the phone, your back is hunched. Therefore, there is a risk that symptoms can occur in all parts of the body as well as the fingers. That is how important the way we hold our phones is for health care, and something must be done to improve it.

Patented "bottom fulcrum" smartphone accessory SYANTO

The load on the body caused by gripping the phone tightly.

We wondered if there was a phone accessory that could solve this problem, and developed SYANTO; smartphone accessory that does not require gripping.

We obtained a patent(*) based on the idea of holding the phone by putting it on the had instead of gripping it, and invented a new way of holding the phone called the "bottom fulcrum" original to "SYANTO".

We have invented a new way of holding the phone called "bottom fulcrum", which is original to "SYANTO".
(*) Patent No. 6467677 

-Features of "SYANTO

1, Hook the leather belt around your finger to free it from the phone's weight
Attach it to the lowest point of the bottom of the phone and hook the leather belt to your little finger to keep the "bottom fulcrum" in place. A new way of holding the phone is realized by "putting it on your hand" instead of gripping it tightly to prevent the phone from falling off. This reduces the burden on the wrist and fingers.

2, Lower the center of gravity of the phone and maintain a naturally correct posture
By lowering the center of gravity of the phone, it is possible to hold the phone at a higher position for a long time.
Raising the viewpoint will unconsciously elongate the posture, which will reduce the strain on the neck and shoulders. This will lead to a reduction in the burden on them.

3, Good for the theft prevention
The design hooks onto the fingers, making it suitable for snatching and other theft prevention.
There is no need to grip it tightly to prevent it from being stolen.

Other than the features mentioned above, it is also...
・Compatible with wireless charging and iPhone 13 MagSafe because of its flat surface.
・Compatible with large smartphones and tablets. Can be held stably both vertically and horizontally.
・Easy to take out from a bag or pocket because of the smooth flat surface. Does not get stuck!

Those are the specifications designed for everyone who spends a lot of time on their smartphones.
We recommend this product as a gift for those who have begun to feel physical discomfort, as well as for your loved ones.

-The difference between common smartphone rings and SYANTO
The type of smartphone rings on the market for attaching to the center of the phone are generally meant to be clipped with the index and middle fingers, and the phone is supported with the little finger. Considering the fact that the phone will be used for a long time, this may cause pain or deformation of the fingers.

Shigetoshi Kaitani, President and Founder of Akebi Academy of Motion Inc.

After working as an office worker, he became an acupuncturist and trainer.

In, with the motto "Accumulation of motion creates you", he founded "Akebi Academy of Motion, Inc. which conducts workshop and product development on motion.

Currently operates two acupuncture and moxibustion clinics in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, and helps improve the status of acupuncture and moxibustion practitioners.

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Company name: Akebi Academy of Motion Inc.
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Representative Director: Shigetoshi Kaitani
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