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New Release, Grave Disturbances, Continues the Journey from the Multi-award-winning Dr. Kaili Worthy Book Series

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Archaeological findings, excavation and the discovery of artefacts have always been one of my major interests. Coated with mysteries, it's just hard to not reread over and over again. -S. Anndy.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, February 27, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Award-Winning author Kay A. Oliver is launching her new book Grave Disturbances. This series follows an archeologist as she makes discoveries that most cannot comprehend. An awakening mummy leads to a world of secrets. Will the team survive their own discovery or die before they can reveal it to the world?

Grave Disturbances is available here.

"Oliver's latest installment in the award-winning series, Dr. Kaili Worthy Series, is high on both thrills and chills." -Prairie Book Review. "While this volume can be enjoyed as a standalone, readers will benefit from reading the series from the beginning and getting to observe the wonderfully complicated Dr. Kaili's character grow stronger with each book. Fans of fast-paced cozies will have fun."

The is book begins where Disturbed Tombs left off. With their great announcement last year about the ability to communicate with excavated mummy's, Dr. Kaili Worthy, her husband Derek and Dr. Doris Wolf find that their every move is hounded by the press and other archeologists alike, making the stakes are even greater.

Kaili and Doris fly to London to find out why two archeologists are under attack by another spirit. Before leaving on the trip, Selene makes a special request of Kaili. She asks her to hide her mother's tomb, the famous pharaoh Cleopatra, from the world. The stakes are high. Is the plan even possible? How can they even get away with it? Or could they end up buried in the tomb with her?

This epic novel is book 2 in the Award-winning Dr. Kaili Worthy series where ancient Egypt comes to life in the modern world. Disturbed Tombs, book 1, Kaili's study of ancient pharaohs leads her on a collision course with the unknown as she is thrown into a world of secrets, danger, and ancient spirits. Her passion leads to a discovery that many cannot comprehend and her associates find hard to believe.

Readers who love historical fiction and mystery with a touch of the paranormal, will find this book appealing.

Disturbed Tombs, the first book in this series, has won first Place in Bookfest Spring 2022 for a Historical Fiction – Mystery, Five Star Review with Reader Reviews, and Book of the Year 2022 by Online Book Club: Paranormal category. Disturbed Tombs is available here.

"These powerful books explore the question if we, humans, are disturbing resting souls by excavating them," states author Kay A. Oliver. "They grew out of a question I kept asking myself. Why do we hold our grave yards as holy and sacred land, while digging up every Sarcophagi we find. I wanted to explore this question."

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Oliver has worked in the entertainment industry for many years, from editing, to writing, and even producing. Her passion is in creating intelligent entertainment for everyone to enjoy. She is still a member of the TV academy.

She holds an MBA, as well as a degree in Film and TV. Her BA in Communications was earned at CSUF, California State University, Fullerton. Her collection of award winning books is her way to combine her passion for writing, intelligent storytelling, and science.

Her hobbies include keeping up with new archaeological finds, science, and true history. Her writing includes fictional books, writing for TV and films.

Oliver's other books include Disturbed Tombs, an historical fiction; Road To Elysium, a contemporary fiction that was inspired by a true story; Sisters in Cold Blood, a murder mystery with a twist that every amateur sleuth wants to read; and Shooter's Treasure, on a hunt for treasure they find love.

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