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Giant Maine Coon Cats : Breeders, Size, Temperament & Care

Understanding where to find specifically the Giant Maine coon cats for sale, as all Maine coon breeders don't breed the Giant size.

    MIAMI BEACH, FL, March 02, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Our Maine Coon cats are selectively bred for size, as we place great emphasis on size. Over 25 years, we have seen each litter become larger and larger. As a result, we are known for breeding giant black Maine Coons with an intimidating appearance, large ears, beautiful eye color and captivating colors. These cats are rare and therefore their prices are higher. Additionally, we specialize in breeding silver Maine Coon cats, shaded white Maine Coon cats and smoke black Maine Coon cats.

We specialize in breeding the rarest colors and patterns of Maine Coon cats, such as Smoke Black, Shaded Silver and Van patterned kittens. Commonly seen colors and patterns of Maine Coon cats include brown tabby, red tabby, silver tabby, and solid black. Other interesting colors and patterns that can be found on Maine Coons are tortoiseshell, blue tabby, calico, and smoke. The unique fur of this breed can be long and silky or short and dense, and it is often multicolored with stripes, swirls, and patches in a range of colors. Maine Coons come in a variety of different colors and patterns, making them truly special and beautiful cats

The European Maine Coon is a stunning breed of cat, with its large and muscular body and long, silky coat. It is known for its intelligence and calm demeanor, and is larger and heavier than the American Maine Coon. The American Maine Coon is a medium to large sized cat with a compact body and thick, furry coat, and is renowned for its playful and friendly personality. Both breeds are strong and powerful, and their thick, luxurious coats make them stand out. Despite their differences, both breeds share many similarities and make wonderful companions for those who appreciate their unique personalities and characteristics

When considering purchasing a Maine Coon, the price will depend on the breeder and the quality of the cat. Prices start from around $4,000 and can go up to $8,000 for a kitten, making the Maine Coon a more expensive purchase than an average domestic cat. Factors such as bloodlines, pedigree, and health can also influence the price of a Maine Coon, with rarer coat colors, sizes, and looks able to command a higher price. However, it is an investment worth making as Maine Coons are very loving and intelligent cats that require little maintenance, making them wonderful companions.

Maine Coons are an incredibly special breed of cat, with a unique combination of personalities and physical features. They are intelligent, curious, and friendly cats that can be trained to do simple commands. Their large size and thick fur makes them quite majestic, while their hearty appetite and hunting skills make them great hunters. Maine Coons are loyal and loving cats, and they make wonderful companions for those who appreciate their unique qualities.

"I recently visited the Giant Maine Coon Cattery and was very impressed with their selection and prices. Their cattery offers a wide range of Maine Coons for sale, with prices for kittens ranging from economical to premium. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable, and took the time to answer all of my questions. The kittens were healthy and well-socialized, and the adults cats were friendly and easy to handle. The cattery has simply beautiful & quality Maine Coons at very reasonable prices, making it one of the best places to buy Maine Coons."

—Katy F.

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