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Dr. Craig Hogan Shares Evidence-Based Research on Life After Death and How We Can Connect with Our Loved Ones Beyond the Grave

Renowned author and afterlife expert, Dr. Craig Hogan, joined Roberta Grimes' interview series to discuss life after death and the ways we can keep in touch with our late loved ones.

We should embrace the fact of life after death, not fear it. It is a natural part of our continuing lives, like going from childhood to adolescence. Knowing that brings great comfort.

    NORMAL, IL, March 10, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ -- As the president and co-founder of the nonprofit Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc. (AREI), Dr. Hogan has dedicated his life to helping people understand the reality of life after death. Through his extensive research and numerous publications, including eight books, videos, blogs, and presentations, he has become widely recognized as a leading expert on the afterlife and afterlife communication. Dr. Hogan, alongside Roberta Grimes, has formed Seek Reality Online, a platform aimed at providing accurate and truthful information about the afterlife designed to help people better understand and cope with the loss of loved ones.

"We should embrace the fact of life after death, not fear it," shares Dr. Craig Hogan. "It is a natural part of our continuing lives, like going from childhood to adolescence. Knowing that brings great comfort to those whose loved ones have passed away."

According to Hogan, there is abundant evidence of life after death, and there are several successful evidence-based methods for communicating with loved ones who have passed away. Recordings of people living in the afterlife have been verified as genuine. Psychotherapists have developed successful methods of helping clients communicate with loved ones, resulting in dramatically reduced grief. As Dr. Hogan has shown repeatedly in his work, there is strong evidence for life after death and many ways we can keep in touch with our loved ones who have passed away. His insights are invaluable for anyone seeking comfort and understanding in the face of grief. Now, it's time to hear directly from Dr. Hogan himself, as he shares his personal experiences, research, and expertise on afterlife communication in this exclusive interview:

TSR News Group:
Dr. Hogan, tell me, what proof is there that we will never die?

Dr. Craig Hogan:
We have actual recordings from people living in the life after this life, speaking to their loved ones on this side of life. We know that these are genuine because the person on this side of life attests to the fact that it is their loved ones. All the memories, all the personality, everything about the person is there.

And that person on the other side knows about things happening contemporaneously with the people who are speaking with them. They are actually with them, and they know things that no medium could know. So we know they are coming through. We also have people who spontaneously appear. We've had people appear to notable people who are beyond reproach, such as Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, who had a visitation from a woman named Mrs. Schwartz, who came to her and spoke with her. She talked to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross about things that had happened in their lives together, and things that were happening in Kübler-Ross' life at that time. So that could only have come from an individual who was living in the life after this life. We have altogether 15 of these areas of proof of the fact that we continue to live after the body dies.

TSR News Group:
Can professionals put someone into a state of mind to have an afterlife connection?

Dr. Craig Hogan:
Yes. Because of the fact that these are real, we know that people are living in the life after this life, and we ought to be able to communicate with them. We have to be able to reach out to them, have some words from them, and receive sentiments from them. In fact, that's what happened.

Psychotherapists have developed three different methods of helping their clients to get into a state of mind in which they could have an afterlife communication. They're very successful. The most successful has a 98% success rate. During a psychotherapy session, the psychotherapist puts them in a state of mind in which they have an afterlife communication.

The result of that is that grief reduces from a high of 10 on a 10-point scale at the beginning of the session, to as low as zero to three at the end of one session. Grief therapy is notoriously ineffective. It does not help people with their grief. This does because of the fact that they've had a real encounter with the person that they love who is now living in the next life, and they know now that they're there, that they are fine, and that we then will be with them in a marvelous reunion at the end of this life.

TSR News Group:
Please clarify, Dr. Hogan, are these sessions the training courses in how to have an afterlife connection, or are the training courses something different?

Dr. Craig Hogan:
That's something different. I co-authored two books with two of the psychotherapists describing their methods. Based on the fact that I knew how the psychotherapists put people into a state of mind in which they can have the connection, I realized that we are capable of having a person just sit in their living room and go through exercises in which they learn how to bring themselves into that state of mind. Then they can have their own afterlife connections. So what I did was to put together a training program. It's free, online and available through

Anybody can sit down and go through the training, and there's an 86 percent success rate for people who go into it conscientiously. Anybody who does it conscientiously will be able to communicate with their loved ones living in the next life. It's just a matter of entering the state of mind in which it can happen.

TSR News Group:
Wow, that's incredible. It really is. So how many ways are there for us to communicate with our dead loved ones?

Dr. Craig Hogan:
We have many, many ways. In fact, we're adding to them all the time, but there are probably 15 that are prominent. And of these, some require a medium or a person who is specialized. Some of them require psychotherapists. There are three methods that require psychotherapists. And some of them are states of mind people can put themselves in and have their own afterlife communication.

We also have methods of communicating that are more commonly known—communicating in dreams for instance. People can go into a dream and ask for a communication. Over a period of time, they will probably have a dream in which they connect with their loved ones on the other side. People are also using pendulums. They have learned how to use a pendulum poised over a circle of letters. The pendulum then goes by itself, pointing to the letters and spelling out messages from the other side. We have one woman named Carol Morgan who has been communicating with her son, Mikey, on the other side using a pendulum. She has actually written an entire book with Roberta Grimes that helps people understand what life is like in the afterlife because he's a resident now, he's living there, and he communicates clearly. But all of these methods are available. Everybody can find a method of communicating, all they have to do is open themselves to it.

TSR News Group:
I think what a lot of people would wonder about that, though, is, are there certain methods that would be more suited to them? Or even more specifically, is there one method that maybe works better than the others?

Dr. Craig Hogan:
Well, we know that the psychotherapist method, that it's 98% successful, is the most effective method. Probably second to that would be working with a mental medium who will connect with their loved one and relay the messages to them. And that can happen over the phone. It doesn't have to happen when a person sits down in their office. We have lists of mediums who are available, who are highly qualified, and can meet with somebody from anywhere in the world over the phone. We know these methods are effective and that people are able to communicate with their loved ones. As a result, we help people to do that. We want to make sure that people have access to these methods. We want them to make that connection. It's good for them, it's good for the person on the other side, who desperately wants to communicate, and it's good for humankind.

TSR News Group:
Absolutely. Now what are some of the ways of communication, the methods of communication? How do they work?

Dr. Craig Hogan:
Well, some of them involve technology. We are able to record the voices of people living in the life after this life on a standard digital recorder. People speak, and as they speak, then the recordings come on the digital recorder. And when the person doing the research plays them back, they hear the answers to their questions on the digital recorder from the person living in the afterlife. And there's no doubt about it, I mean the words are crystal clear, and they are the personality of the person living in the life after this life. They then put their recordings onto that digital recorder, and when the researcher plays them back, the person on this side of life has the recording of their loved ones living in the life after this life.

So that is one of the ways in which we can have afterlife communication. It can also happen through physical mediums. Physical mediums are mediums who have a unique ability to allow people to come from the life after this life into the room where they are sitting and actually materialize.

When they materialize they go to one person after another in the room and stand before them and talk with them. I have sat with physical mediums and have been spoken to and touched by materialized people from the afterlife. We actually have testimony from people who have had that experience with a medium named Helen Duncan in the 20th century. There is court testimony from 22 people who testified in fact they had these connections. Dead people who materialized in the room walked up to and spoke to their loved ones. They held them, kissed them, and had extended conversations. And all these are in sworn court testimony now. The fact is that this is true. So that's just another way in which it happens.

TSR News Group:
Really?! That's incredible. So do we know what life is like in the afterlife? I mean, I know we have the recordings, the testimonies and things, but what is life like in the afterlife?

Dr. Craig Hogan:
Yes, we know quite a bit about life in the life after this life, and the reason for that now is that we have these communications coming through from the people living there, and they're anxious to tell us about what life is like there. So we know what happens from the moment that the person makes the transition to when they come out of it on the other side. They very often are asleep. When they wake up on the other side they may be perhaps in a house that was like the one they grew up in. And their loved ones are sitting around them waiting for them to wake up. Their pets come up to them and jump on them.

So we know what it's like when a person makes the transition, and we know what happens afterward. We know what it's like when they go to live in the next realm. They can live in the house in the afterlife. The afterlife is just the same as this world. So if we look around at the way that things are here on the earth plane, they are that way in the afterlife. Our bodies are solid there in the same way that they are here, and we're able to do things there that we're able to do, that we love doing here on this side of life.

So we know about these things. We know what happens in the daily lives of people here, what their pre-occupations are, what their occupations are, where they live, what the environment is like, and where animals are there. All of these things we know now from the statements by people living in the life after this life. And we have thousands and thousands of them.

TSR News Group:
You mentioned our pets jumping up on us, which I think would be reassuring for a lot of people, because we love our pets in life so much. So they make it too, how does that work?

Dr. Craig Hogan:
Yes, absolutely. Anything that we love is there. We love our pets and as a result of that, they are there. Life there is based on our needs, our desires, and our wants. We want our pets to be there, and so they are there. They are just as solid as our bodies are, so they will jump up on us, and they'll go swimming with us if we're at the ocean in the life after this life. They will spend time with us. All people who transition into the next life describe their pets as being among the first to come up to visit them and to be overjoyed at the fact that they're there then.

TSR News Group:
I see. So what happens at the moment of death, when we make the transition?

Dr. Craig Hogan:
There must be a reason for everything in this life. So there must be a reason that a person is no longer functioning on the earth plane. And so the reason is that the body dies. The purpose of that is to just release us so we go into life after this life. There is a reason for everything in this life.

What happens is the body stops functioning for some reason, and it could be for any reason that the body has stopped functioning. We know that when the body stops functioning, there is no pain. We've had statements of people giving accounts of transitioning to the life after this life in a battle when their body was blown up. They say they didn't even realize it had been blown up because they kept running towards the enemy. The reason they felt like they were still running towards the enemy is that their minds were alive and active, even though their bodies had been blown up someplace. They had no pain; they weren't part of what happened.

There's another account of a man who came through and said that when he made the transition, he was with his fiance's sister driving down the road and suddenly a truck came towards them and was going to smash into them. At that moment, this man and his fiance's sister were rising up above the car. He took his fiance's sister's hand and as they watched the fatal crash happened thirty feet below them. They were not involved in it at all.

So people say the transition from this life into the next life was easy. They say, "I was there, and then I was here. It's like nothing happened." It's a very easy transition. So we need to worry about the transition when the body dies. We're taken care of. We are out of the body well before anything painful might happen.

TSR News Group:
Very interesting. So do people reincarnate so they aren't there to communicate with us?

Dr. Craig Hogan:
No. In all instances when people have wanted to communicate with a loved one living in the life after this life, they are there. They don't reincarnate. The reason is that we now know from testimonies by people living in the life after this life that reincarnation isn't an individual coming back to earth over and over. We know that the higher self, which we are all part of, has individuals who incarnate into the Earth School and will go through the activities in Earth School.

They incarnate, but we as individuals will not reincarnate. Instead, when the soul and the guides are planning that individual's life, they will take pieces from other lives. They may take a framework from another life, where the person didn't learn a lesson, and when the new person's life is being planned, the higher self wants to learn a lesson from that. So they will take the framework from someone else life, and use it for this new person's life who is coming into the earth school.

That's how a person can have a past-life regression. There is a link between the person in this life and that other person who already had their life and has gone through their lessons. They are linked and the person can have a past life regression. But the individual is always an individual. All the way through our eternal lives we remain the individuals we are. We are there when our loved ones come, and we have reunions with them. We don't reincarnate.

TSR News Group:
Have dead people ever appeared and spoken to people alive on Earth?

Dr. Craig Hogan:
We have many, many instances in which people whose bodies have died, appear spontaneously, not expected. One of them is J. B. Phillips, writer of the J. B. Phillips version of the New Testament. He described having C.S. Lewis, the famous author of the Chronicles of Narnia, appear to him. Lewis just walked into the room when Phillips was sitting there and gave him some words that were going to comfort him in this life, because Phillips had been struggling with something. C.S Lewis came through the door, talked to him about it, told him not to worry about it, there's no problem with it, and then walked back out of the door.

The same thing happened with Dr. Raymond Moody, the author of Life After Life. He had an experience in which he was sitting in his living room and in through the door came his grandmother, but she'd been dead for years. She just walked through the door, and they reminisced about his childhood. He learned some things he didn't know, he didn't understand, about his childhood, but she explained them to him and then he understood what happened. He had a long conversation with her, and then after a while, she just got up, calmly walked over to the door, said goodbye, and walked out the door.

We have many of these instances with people who are giving qualified testimonies. We know they are believable people, and they describe what happened at length. This person who had long been dead comes to them when they were just not expecting it at all. That simply happened spontaneously.

TSR News Group:
You know, one thing that I might be worried about, is that if I were communicating with one of my loved ones who has passed, would I be holding them back in some way by communicating with them?

Dr. Craig Hogan:
No, they have an entire eternity to grow, and they are most concerned about us. So they want to do what is good for us. They will come to us when we need to have them come. And if we want to communicate with them, they'll come to us. That doesn't stop them from doing what they're doing, because they will go about their preoccupations, occupations, and activities with other people. They'll continue with what they're doing in the life after this life. But we're only a thought away. So when we think of them, they get the thought. When we have sentiments of love for them, they get the love. So anytime we want to communicate with them, they will come from wherever they are.

That doesn't mean they are staying on the Earth plane around us all the time. They are simply available to us. There are people who do stay on the Earth plane and stay close to a loved one who is grieving deeply, who just can't come out of the grief, who is bereaved and is not doing well. The person who loves them will stay with them on the Earth plane until the person on this side of life gets past the deep grief. That is especially true for children. Children say that because their parents are grieving so badly, they don't go on to their next life until their parents stabilize in their grief.

So we do know about the fact that the people who are living in the life after this life are anxious for us to communicate. There's no reason for us not to do it, and we're not holding them back.

To learn more about Dr. Craig Hogan's work and his Seek Reality Online, in collaboration with Roberta Grimes, please visit the official website.

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