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Retiring Retirement

The Revolution of Aging has arrived and with it, an entirely new way of looking at life beyond 65.

    ORLANDO, FL, March 29, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ -- With more and more people living longer than they expected, we are experiencing a revolution in aging that humans have never experienced before.

How many of those in their 20s today, will live to at least 120? It is suggested that the person who will live to 150 has already been born.

"It's time to retire the conventional idea of retirement," says Jonathan Ainsley, Founder of InvestInU and a thought leader on the subject of flourishing longevity. "LifeSpan has been going parabolic during the last 100 years and, with advances in technology, science, and our intentions, is likely to continue its parabolic ascent. See chart).

"Sixty-five more often as not, was seen as a finishing line, not necessarily a starting line, adds Ainsley. The new thinking sees 65 as the launch point for a more fruitful chapter in life. This is the revolution of aging."

Averages hide more than they reveal. While the current life expectancy in the US is around ~79 (male) / ~81 (female), there is also a 50% likelihood today, that for a 65-year-old couple, one spouse will live to 95.

There is a belief amongst gerontologists that the person who will live to 150 years old has been born. This is all occurring with a shift in science, medicine and technology. In his book, The Great Age Reboot, Dr Michael Roizen of the Cleveland Clinic suggests that by 2030, 90 will be the new 40. One only has to look at recent performances by Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney to understand why that might be the case.

Benefit From Planning For A Longer Life: InvestInU

"While more and more people are living longer than they expected, they are doing so without being intentional about their aging, explains Jonathan Ainsley."It's like having a smartphone and not using its full range of benefits, the opportunity to fully benefit from, and participate in, this revolution in aging is only just beginning to being explored."

The Adults (of all age groups) who will benefit most from the Revolution In Aging include:

• Those who are agile and adaptable in the way they think.
• Those who have support to rethink how they would most like to benefit from the revolution in aging.
• Those who do not use the word retirement.

It was this revolution that led Ainsley to create InvestInU.

InvestInU is both a simple yet powerful program and platform, that was designed to help people create healthy habits, set and achieve their goals, and benefit their lives overall.

InvestInU is comprised of a series of assessments that are broken up into two phases, beginning with some initial Enrollment Questions that you will also revisit during the second phase. These assessments are meant to encourage self-reflection, evaluate your overall well-being, and identify where you can make improvements in your life. By completing these assessments, you will have Members develop habitual mindfulness and intentions leading to a more fulfilling life.

"Our Mission at InvestInU," explains Jonathan Ainsley,"is to bring these simple, yet powerful programs to help you (no matter your age) benefit from this gift of a longer lifespan that humanity has never experienced before. "

How are you participating in and benefitting from this revolution in aging?

Schedule a consultation to help us to help you identify the most suitable program to benefit you. Learn more:
longevity is a resource center offering a unique opportunity for creation and reinvention rather than being stuck in a preset notion of aging. Supported by the platform, InvestInU offers a series of programs (both online and live) to transform this legacy thinking into an intentional and potent roadmap of self-awareness to living this gift of longer LifeSpans, joyfully with power and purpose. has been developed to benefit adults of all ages, by applying a focus on four key pillars of FLOURISHING Longevity: Our thinking; Our health; Our Calling or Ikigai; Our Community. and are the brainchild of Jonathan Ainsley. Jonathan's pioneering spirit along with his work in Financial Services as a Relationship Manager at Schwab Advisor Services and subsequently as a Business and Strategy Manager at Merrill Lynch has led him along the pathway of being recognized as a Thought Leader in helping to define the inspiration and energy within the Flourishing Longevity space.

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