All Press Releases for May 16, 2008

Sound waves making waves in plastic surgery - liposuction technology turns high tech.

Isis Cosmetic of Orlando unveils it's use of VASER LipoSelection technology in the Orlando FL area. This technology uses focused sound energy to gently remove fat tissue from the body offering patients a gentler alternative to the traditional form of liposuction.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - ORLANDO, FL, May 16, 2008 - Liposuction is the most commonly sought after cosmetic procedure for men and women in the United States according the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. A revolutionary approach to fat removal and body sculpting is now being utilized in Orlando, Florida offering patients a gentler alternative to traditional forms of liposuction.

Isis Cosmetic of Orlando uses the power of sound to permanently liquefy and remove stubborn and exercise resistant fat. VASER LipoSelection is a technology that allows surgeons to focus specially tuned sound waves into troublesome fat deposits causing the fat cells to instantly melt away. VASER LipoSelection offers patients the same, if not better, results than those achieved through traditional liposuction; while reducing the risks and recovery time associated with the traditional liposuction method.

With traditional liposuction the fat is removed, in a relatively solid form, forcefully by the surgeon using manual and suction power. This process indiscriminately removes not only the fat tissue, but also other surrounding and embedded tissues such as: nerves, blood vessels, and collagen. Additionally, there are other possible risks associated with traditional liposuction including but not limited to: lumps and bumps, uneven results, sagging loose skin, extensive bruising and swelling, and a long recovery period. Furthermore, if the liposuction procedure is performed under general anesthesia, all the risks associated with being under general anesthesia further compounds the risk to the patient.

VASER LipoSelection differs from traditional liposuction in one very significant way. Instead of using physical force and suction power, VASER LipoSelection allows Isis Cosmetic surgeons to gently and precisely liquefy fat deposits using targeted sound waves. Once liquefied using the VASER wand, the melted liquid fat can then be gently removed without damaging the other surrounding and embedded tissues providing a smooth and uniform result with little if any downtime to the patient. Although there are similar risks with undergoing a VASER LipoSelection procedure as that with traditional liposuction, these risks are greatly reduced by using VASER technology.

The advantages of VASER LipoSelection
• Performed in the office
• Performed under local anesthetic
• Little if any "downtime"
• More smooth, uniform, and predictable results
• Significantly less pain, bruising, and swelling
• The overlying skin is tightened

The precision, safety, and gentleness provided through this selective liquefaction allows for this procedure to be done under local anesthetic while the patient is awake but mildly sedated. The procedure is performed by Isis' board certified surgeons in our facilities and usually takes two to three hours from start to finish. The patient can usually return to work and leisurely activities the following day.

"VASER LipoSelection is a major advancement in liposuction related technology. The use of sound waves to selectively and gently remove fat takes the art and science of body sculpting to a new gold standard, "says Joseph Zolton, President and CEO of Isis Cosmetic Medical Centers.

"Laser lipo is one of the latest trends in liposuction, touting its many advantages over traditional liposuction," Zolton continues, "however, laser lipo greatly falls short when used alone in removing large volumes of fat. Isis Cosmetic does offer SmartLipo, a form of laser lipo, but this laser technology is commonly combined with VASER LipoSelection for a more optimal result especially on larger body areas such as: thighs, abdomens, buttocks, and love handles."

Isis Cosmetic Medical Center, LLC was established as a Florida corporation in March of 2006 and opened its doors to the public on January 2, 2007. Since that time Isis Cosmetic has been featured on ABC and NBC network television news, as well as featured twice on syndicated NBC Daytime Television. Isis Cosmetic is a state wide cosmetic medical practice specializing only in body sculpting procedures such as VASER LipoSelection and SmartLipo . Isis Cosmetic has been named one of the nation's leading VASER LipoSelection providers by the manufacturers of the VASER LipoSelection technology, Sound Surgical Technologies, LLC.

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