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Celebrating the Success of Grace O. E. Idehen: #1 International Best-selling Author in Children's Folktales, Myth Anthologies, and British Poetry in the United States and United Kingdom

A Rising Star in Children's Literature and a Captivating Young Mind: Grace O. E. Idehen, a nine-year-old poetic sensation, recently unveiled her debut book, "The Golden Poem for Kids: The Very Best and a Spellbinding Collection of Children's Poetry!"

    LONDON, ENGLAND, June 08, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ -- It is Thursday, June 8, in the United Kingdom. The astounding nine-year-old creative author Grace O. E. Idehen has caused quite a stir in the world of literature with the publication of her engaging first book, titled "The Golden Poems: Sparkling Verses of Wonders and Imagination: The Very Best of Children's Poetry!"

It is with great pleasure that we announce the extraordinary achievement of Grace O. E. Idehen, who has soared to the #1 spot as an Amazon International Best-selling Author in Children's Folktale and Myth Anthologies in the highly esteemed New Releases Best Sellers Rank in the United States. This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to Grace's remarkable talent, boundless creativity, and unwavering dedication.

Not only has Grace achieved phenomenal success in the United States, but she has also captured the hearts and minds of readers across the pond. Her captivating book has secured an impressive ranking of #45 in British Poetry Best Sellers in the United Kingdom. Such accolades truly demonstrate the universal appeal and impact of her work.

Grace's exceptional achievement is an inspiration to aspiring authors, parents seeking to leave a lasting legacy, and individuals with a burning desire to share their ideas and stories with the world. Her journey serves as a testament to the power of determination, passion, and the unwavering support of a reputable publishing partner.

This delightful collection of poetry, which is now available on all Amazon outlets, Blurb, IngramSpark, Apple Books, and all prominent international book retailers, promises to excite the imaginations of young readers and inspire a passion for words.

The collection is captivating and showcases the author's creative abilities in writing poetry for young readers. From the tender age of seven, Grace's passion for poetry began to blossom, and she embarked on an incredible poetic journey. At eight years old, she secured the second-place position in a school poem competition, showcasing her exceptional talent and potential. Grace set out to write a book that would enthral readers of all ages, fueled by her enthusiasm and the support of her family.

"The Golden Poems for Kids" features twenty-five carefully crafted poems that transport young readers to a world of imagination, wonder, and discovery. Grace's words encourage children to use their creativity and embrace the power of language. With rhythmic flow and lyrical language, the collection sparks the minds of kids, creating lasting memories and instilling a love for words, whether read aloud or at bedtime.

Perfect illustrations filled with regal hues and serene simplicity accompany each poem in "The Golden Poems for Kids." From heartwarming themes such as family, friendship, and nature to the delight of creative expression, this collection presents a well-picked lineup of poetry that is sure to resonate with young readers.

"I am very excited to share my new book of poems with you," says Grace. "The Golden Poems: Sparkling Verses of Wonders and Imagination: The Very Best of Children's Poetry!" showcases fifty of my very best poems. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!"

Grace dedicates her book to her parents for their encouragement and to God for His grace and enablement. As a young author with a bright future ahead, she looks forward to writing more books and continuing to inspire readers with her imaginative and heartfelt words.

Prepare to be captivated, inspired, and amazed by the poetic talent of this young visionary. Grace O. E. Idehen is a name you won't want to forget!

Grab a copy today for your child, grandchild, or class! With a lot of copies sold out of "The Golden Poems for Kids," this poetic collection is helping children across the country get healthy and happy!

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About Grace O. E. Idehen: Grace O. E. Idehen is a remarkable nine-year-old author who has taken the literary world by storm with her debut book, "The Golden Poems: Sparkling Verses of Wonders and Imagination: The Very Best of Children's Poetry!" With a heart full of creativity and a mind brimming with imagination, Grace's unique perspective and poetic prowess shine through in every verse. She invites readers to join her on an enchanting journey into the world of wonder and imagination, where words come alive with vibrant colours, delightful characters, and imaginative adventures.

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