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Opinary Introduces 'Opinary Audiences'

Ai-Driven Innovation In Interactive Polling Empowers Publishers with 1st-Party Data

"Opinary has been key in our data strategy: Especially for user-specific attributes, Opinary allows us to generate qualitative data for our audience segments in real-time." - Olaf Müller, FUNKE

    BERLIN, GERMANY, July 10, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Opinary today announced Opinary Audiences, a revolutionary Ai-driven solution designed to provide publishers with comprehensive insights and valuable user data at scale. The new solution sees Opinary step ahead with innovation in publisher-side technology in the face of a post-cookie era where publishers are confronted with the critical challenge of understanding, scaling, and activating their audiences based on first-party data.

Leveraging AI-generated polls to address users

Opinary Audiences is an innovative solution that leverages AI-generated contextual polls seamlessly integrated within articles. These interactive polls are followed by user-specific intent and interest questions. As users engage, they are rewarded with a personalized overview of how their opinions compare to other users. Critically, verified user data is seamlessly transferred in real-time to the publishers' Data Management Platform (DMP).

Harnessing the power of Opinary Audiences, publishers can build highly effective lookalike audiences for precise ad targeting, as well as enrich user profiles within their customer relationship management (CRM) systems. With features such as smart audience building, look-alikes, audience activation, and event tracking, publishers gain unparalleled control and efficiency in harnessing their first-party data.

Ensuring compliance with GDPR and approved by the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Transparency and Consent Framework (IAB TCF), Opinary Audiences provides a fully secure and privacy-first solution.

Proven Success across premium publishers

Opinary Audiences represents the accelerated version of Opinary's MVP, which has already earned acclaim as one of the industry's highest-quality source of user data for publishers. Notably, Opinary's first product iteration has been extensively used by Germany's largest publishers such as Funke Digital, Burda Forward or RTL Media Group, establishing its credibility and efficacy.

Olaf Müller, Lead Programmatic & BI at Funke Digital, attests to Opinary's invaluable contribution to their data strategy: "Opinary has been key in our data strategy: Especially for user-specific attributes that are difficult to model through contextual data, Opinary allows us to generate qualitative data for our audience segments in real-time, which we already use broadly in mapping well-founded targeting segments without 3rd party data. The flexibility in controlling the surveys and the direct integration into our DMP makes this solution so attractive."

Opinary Audiences paves the way for an expanded network of international publishers and websites to harness the power of first-party data generation. With this groundbreaking product, Opinary continues to drive innovation in the publishing industry, empowering publishers to make informed decisions and optimize audience engagement.

Opinary is a leading audience engagement platform that enables publishers and advertisers to reach, understand and convert their audiences with polls that drive interactive user experiences. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Opinary empowers publishers to understand and activate their audiences based on real-time user data. Founded in 2016, Opinary has established itself as a trusted partner to industry-leading publishers, brands and agencies, offering solutions that drive meaningful insights and measurable results.

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