All Press Releases for July 30, 2023

Cyn Kubiak Releases New Book Immune To Murder; The True Story Of Her Husband's Tragic Shooting Death By Police, Soon To Be A Movie

Kubiak details her late husband's struggles with depression, alcohol, drugs and his final moments, was it murder or suicide by cop?

    LOS ANGELES, CA, July 30, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Cyn Kubiak has authored a new book on the true story of her late husband Patrick Sharp, his daredevil life, his struggle with depression, and the tragic events that led to his unnecessary death at the hands of law enforcement. The book is now available at Amazon Immune To Murder eBook : Kubiak, Cyn: Kindle Store. A movie is in development.

Kubiak said her goal is to help others cast light on the recognition of mental illness, to take seriously the often subtle signs of a person crying out for help, and to administer that help before it leads to tragedy.

"Patrick and I were married for 20 years. We enjoyed the ocean, surfing, and diving with sharks. He was a master car mechanic, skateboarder and skateboard builder. We were a happy couple and though he suffered from depression and the roller coaster ride associated with it, we were able to make it work until the end," Kubiak said.

"He had a good job and was well liked but turned to alcohol and drugs to help get him through the day. Unfortunately, they began to dominate his life," she added. "Patrick wrestled with sobriety but was not able to overcome his personal demons."

Kubiak said eventually Patrick faced his own day of reckoning and contemplated suicide. "He made a scene in our yard. Police were called to our house. Then an officer shot and killed Patrick. The cop walked away like it was nothing. I know. I witnessed it with my own eyes."

She pursued justice with the legal system and after some stops and starts eventually had a hearing. With the advice of her attorney, Kubiak settled with the city.

"Law enforcement always seems to work within their own corrupt network to get their way. The things that happened that day to Patrick were completely wrong. In writing this I needed to fight to defend the truth of my late husband's last moments, and the legacy of his life."

According to Kubiak the perpetrators did not reveal the truth to the news media. "I was not able to tell the real truth to a jury. But I believe the truth is important to give Patrick the respect he deserves. I hope the facts may benefit many, and perhaps save lives." Find the book Immune to Murder at Amazon, Immune To Murder eBook : Kubiak, Cyn: Kindle Store as well as other booksellers. For additional information about the book and the movie visit For information about funding for the movie contact: [email protected].

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