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Kompyte by Semrush Joins Forces with IcebergIQ to Transform Competitive Intelligence

Kompyte by Semrush, an innovative competitive intelligence solution, and IcebergIQ, a win/loss/churn consultancy, announce a new integration to make sales pitches more effective through shared data insights.

    BOSTON, MA, September 02, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Kompyte offers win/loss statistics as a tie-in with Salesforce, HubSpot, and other CRMs—allowing organizations to see their win rate. With the addition of win/loss insights from IcebergIQ, there's a single source of truth, not just for how many deals a company wins or loses and to whom, but also WHY they win or lose.

The integration feeds insights from IcebergIQ's win-loss interviews into Kompyte. Here, each interview can be distilled into skimmable recaps by KompyteGPT. With future GPT functionalities, Kompyte will gain the ability to scrutinize multiple interviews, simultaneously, extracting common insights to uncover the consistent reasons you win and lose.

An early adopter of the integrated platform, Alex Ruddock, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing & Product Management at Influitive says, "We've been using Kompyte to automate win/loss analysis, but we're excited to see not just who we win or lose to, but why, and all in one place. The AI summaries also make it easy for all our teams to stay informed at a glance, which we anticipate will have a measurable impact on our win rate."

"This partnership bridges two critical capabilities," said Kompyte CEO Pere Codina. "Companies that leverage competitive insights and win/loss data will gain a decisive advantage over competitors still operating in the dark."

"Together, we're reimagining how B2B software companies separate signal from noise, see competitors clearly, and adapt quickly to win," said IcebergIQ CEO and Co-Founder Natasha Narayan. "The benefits will empower your sales, product management, product marketing, and customer success teams to drive growth and retention."

The joint offering delivers:

- Skimmable insights: See summarized recaps from win/loss interviews, plus all the details if you want to dig deeper
- Strategic foresight: Spot trends and risks before they impact results
- Cross-team visibility: Provide one source of truth for a united strategy
- Focused roadmaps: Get competitor insights and win/loss highlight recommendations for product, pricing, and go-to-market strategy
- Improved win rates: Learn from wins, losses, and the activity of your competitors to improve performance

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About Kompyte
Kompyte's leading competitive intelligence platform empowers businesses to stay ahead of the competition. With real-time actionable insights and powerful research, automation, and analytics tools, Kompyte users make more informed decisions and drive sustainable growth. Leveraging cutting-edge tracking technology, an extensive data catalog, and an ever-expanding suite of AI features, Kompyte provides unmatched visibility into competitor movements and field intelligence.

About IcebergIQ
IcebergIQ is a leading research consultancy working with B2B SaaS companies to help inform their go-to-market and customer success strategies. By interviewing our clients' prospects and customers, IcebergIQ gathers candid feedback about wins and losses, churns and renewals, and key aspects of the customer journey. This unfiltered feedback helps our clients improve their products and services, uncover competitive insights, boost win rates, and align their teams for informed decision-making that is grounded in the experience of the people who matter most: their customers.

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