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Child Abduction and Parental Alienation Forum, Sun, May 18, 2008. 1pm, West Palm Beach, FL, --- Sponsored by Voice for the Children, Inc. Saving children from abduction since 1974, --- 1-561-586-8515, 1-800-28 HELPME (4-3576), [email protected]

Child Abduction is increasing to all time high levels. The surge is largely due to the increase in mentally ill parents who are suffering from a variety of inherent afflictions whose symptoms are brought out by recent waves of economic stress. Abducting parents think little of the child's welfare.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - WEST PALM BEACH, FL, May 19, 2008 - Child Abduction is increasing to all time high levels. The surge is largely due to the increase in mentally ill parents who are suffering from a variety of inherent afflictions whose symptoms are brought out by recent waves of economic stress. These abducting parents who may commonly suffer from "Narcissistic Personality Disorder", "Bipolar Disorder", "Multiple Personality Disorder", "Alcoholism", "Drug Abuse" or a variety of other illnesses, think little of the child's welfare but they are in fact obsessed with their own needs.

One such case is that of Greg Fischer, a 2008 candidate for New York State Senate, whose spouse, Ashley Clark, abducted the young children (then 8 months and 3 years) with the aid of the maternal grandparents and the resources of their company. "The law is broken and the courts can be frustrated by undue and corrupt influences" say Mr. Fischer, "in my case a part time magistrate, Paul Thomas Glause, of Rock Springs, Wyoming, works for the grandparents at their company, Talco Trucking, so he is being funded, seemingly without limit, to keep the children from their New York home. My partner was mentally ill and receiving intensive medical treatment but that was not enough to monitor her behavior. The children are suffering. Further, they have lost most of their connection with me. Effectively, they have been orphaned from me under color of law."

Marianne Malky, founder of Voice for the Children, also has a sad story to tell. After hunting for her child, David Shipenburg, for 33 years she was able to locate him in New Jersey. David who was abducted as a very young child of 6 was concealed through a series of name and address changes. On discovery of his mother David seeks no mother-child reunion; David is so alienated that he refuses to even meet with his mother.

Child Abduction, especially by a parent, causes extreme Parental Alienation. Parental Alienation is any behavior by a parent, a child's mother or father, whether conscious or unconscious, that could create alienation in the relationship between a child and the other parent. Parental alienation can be mild and temporary or extreme and ongoing. Most researchers believe that any alienation of a child against (the child's) other parent is harmful to the child and to the target parent. Extreme, obsessive, and ongoing parental alienation can cause terrible psychological damage to children extending well into adulthood. Parental Alienation and Child Abduction by a parent are both extreme Child Abuse.

The estimate is that there will be in excess of 300,000 child abductions, of varying degrees, by a parent in 2008.

The law is weak in most of the United States with regard to Child Abduction. It is the position of Voice for the Children that Child Abduction should be made a criminal offense nationwide as it is in some states including New Jersey and California. In those states Child Abduction commences at the moment of concealment of the child. Thereafter, it is possible to mobilize law enforcement to secure the prompt recovery of the child. Commonly, children of abduction suffer numerous other forms of abuse such as neglect, medical neglect, educational neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, "brain washing"(and other forms of psychological abuse), forced captivity, torture, and even murder.

Like "Nifonging", named after Michael Byron Nifong, disbarred North Carolina attorney, and former prosecutor, of the 2006 Duke University lacrosse case, Judge Glause is developing his own fame, since abduction under color of law is begining to become known as 'Glauseing'.

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Third Annual Forum on
Child Abduction and Parental Alienation

Sunday, May 18, 2008 @1pm

Unity of the Palm Beaches
1957 South Flagler Drive - West Palm Beach, Florida - 561 833-6483

Sponsored by Voice for the Children, Inc.
Fighting to save children from abduction since 1974
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Contemporary Family Magazine
Children's Rights Council of Connecticut


Prayer by Rev. Kenneth Williams, Unity Church

Introduction of
Marianne Malky, Pres. Founder of Voice for the Children, Inc.

Documentary Video Presentation
Child Abduction, It's Meaning and Effects

Raymond Mills Johnson

Personal Testimony
Greg Fischer (N.Y.) U.S. Child Abduction & Alienation
Ethel Janok (W.P.B.Fla), International Child Abduction (Dominican Republic)
Lori Hanff, An Abducted Child's Journey

Refreshment Break - 15 Minutes

Law & Order
Attorney Eric Chefhire
Attorney Charles Jamieson

Parental Alienation, A Novel Look
Robin Denison, M.A. Miami Dade University

Intervention and Collaboration
Mark Roseman, Ph.D., Fl Family Court Mediator

"Ask the Experts"
Marianne Malky, Greg Fischer, Ethel Janok, Lori Hanff,
Robin Denison and Mark Roseman

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