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Keep2Share - Premium File Hoster

Keep2Share is an online file hosting and sharing service that enables users to store, manage, and share files securely online.

    ST. LOUIS, MO, September 29, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Users upload their files onto Keep2Share servers before accessing or sharing them through unique links - providing an efficient method for sharing large datasets without email attachments or physical storage devices.

Keep2Share was designed to meet the needs of various users, from individuals looking to share documents, photos or videos among themselves with those close to them, to professionals and businesses needing to share files among teams or clients. Keep2Share also provides different account tiers - free and premium accounts each with unique features and capabilities.

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How Does Keep2Share Work?

Keep2Share works simply: users upload files onto its servers, which then can be accessed using unique links that they can share with others. This process eliminates bulky email attachments while streamlining the process of sharing large or multiple files with ease.

Keep2Share is compatible across several platforms. Whether it be PC, Mac, iOS or Android device - Keep2Share's user-friendly interface ensures seamless integration and an excellent experience across devices.

Keep2Share, like many file hosting services, can be relatively user-friendly. Here is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through its key features:

Upload Files

• To upload, click the "Upload" or its equivalent on the website.

• Drag-and-drop files to easily upload or browse and select files from your computer.

• Wait for the upload to finish; its duration will depend on both its size and your internet connection speed.

Manage Your Files

• Once uploaded, your files should appear in either your account dashboard or file manager.

• Here, you can organize, rename, delete or share your files.

Share Files

• Each uploaded file typically comes equipped with either a "Share" button or direct link for easy sharing.

• Clicking this will generate a unique URL which you can share with others to download your file.

• Note: Your download access and speed may differ depending on whether or not you are a free or premium user.

Download Files

• Whenever someone shares a Keep2Share link with you or you need to download your files, simply click the link.

• Dependent upon your account type, there may be a waiting period before access can be granted; typically premium users get instantaneous access without waiting periods.

• Clicking the download button will start the download to your device.

Test Keep2Share for free

Keep2Share offers a free version to enable users to familiarise themselves with its platform before making any financial commitments. During their testing phase, they can explore its features and assess if it suits their needs before committing financially.

Testing Keep2Share for free is easy - here's a step-by-step guide to get you going:

Visit Keep2Share Website:

• Visit the official website at

Sign Up:

• Look for an option on the website to sign-up or register yourself.

• Provide all required details, which usually includes an email address and password.

• Complete any verification steps required of you, such as verifying your email address by clicking a link sent directly to you.

Choose an Account Option:

• As soon as you sign up, you may be presented with different account options - free, premium, and premium pro.

• Select an account like Keep2Share Free as soon as available.

Start Using the Service:

• When your free account has been established, you can immediately begin uploading files.

• Explore the user interface and become acquainted with its features.

• Share files using the generated links, and test out the download process.

Reconsider Your Limitations:

• Any free account has certain restrictions that should be kept in mind as you use the service, including limited download speeds, waiting times, and storage space restrictions. Keep these in mind as you use it.

Consider Upgrading:

• If the service proves invaluable and its limitations become restrictive, consider upgrading to either a premium or premium pro account for additional features and functionality.

Seek Assistance:

• Should any issues or queries arise while testing the free version, consult their FAQ section or reach out to their support team.

Always start with the free version of Keep2Share to become acquainted with its offerings and learn about your options. If it meets your needs and you wish to upgrade, a paid account might be appropriate - be sure to explore your options carefully!

Speed: Is Keep2Share fast enough to compete?

Keep2Share stands out as an impressive service for its speed; speed tests show quick upload and download times even for large files, meaning users can quickly backup their data or share files without incurring unnecessary delays.

Keep2Share Premium was designed to provide faster download and upload speeds compared to its free counterpart, and here are some characteristics of its speed:

Premium accounts differ significantly from their free counterparts in that they do not impose restrictions or limits (around 50kb/s), enabling users to download or upload files at whatever speed their internet connection allows. One notable advantage of the latter is omitting waiting periods before downloading files: free users often need to wait 30 seconds before starting, but with Premium they can start immediately.

As previously noted, Keep2Share Premium boasts impressive speeds. While individual experiences may differ based on location and quality of one's internet connection, many users find its speeds comparable to or even exceeding other popular file hosting platforms. Furthermore, consistent uptime and dependable server networks ensure files can always be readily available when they're needed; its reliability often rivals or exceeds that of its rivals.

Keep2Share Premium offers fast file hosting that meets individual preferences and specific user needs. While it holds its own in an otherwise competitive file hoster market, individual preferences will ultimately decide if Keep2Share Premium meets those needs; before making that decision it is always wise to test out free versions before upgrading to Premium.

Keep2Share accounts and pricing

Keep2Share offers three primary account tiers for account users:

Free Account: For casual users looking for an introduction to Keep2Share, this account is perfect. With basic features and the opportunity to learn what this service has to offer.

Premium ($13 per month): Users of this subscription have access to enhanced features such as faster download speeds, parallel downloads and more storage capacity.

Premium Pro ($16 per month): For those looking for the ultimate experience, this premium account adds extra storage capacity and priority support services.

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The monthly prices do vary according to different terms as follows:

Premium: 30 days $23.94 /month - 90 days $19.98 /month - 365 days $13 /month
Premium Pro: 30 days $29.94 /month - 90 days $23.98 /month - 365 days $16 /month

Keep2Share reviews - this is what users say

The Keep2Share service is aimed at a wide range of target groups. There are many positive testimonials on the Internet, according to which it is worth trying out. We have summarized some of the different statements for you here:

"Keep2Share has transformed how I share files with clients - fast, reliable, and secure!"
- Mark L.

"Keep2Share offers me a platform where I can easily upload and share high-resolution photos quickly, which makes the service invaluable for photographers like myself."
- Sophia R.

"The Premium Pro account has made an incredible difference to my user experience."
- Kevin D.

"I tried the free version and was immediately hooked. Within 24 hours I upgraded to Premium."
- Lucy H.

"Keep2Share has made sharing lecture notes and study materials effortless. I rely on Keep2Share as an essential part of my academic life." - Aiden T.

Who are typical Keep2Share users?

Keep2Share provides secure storage solutions to individuals. Its primary function is providing space for individuals to safely store personal files, photos, or videos.

Professionals: Businesses professionals can easily share project files, presentations and collaborate on collaborative efforts among colleagues.

Content Creators: Bloggers, videographers and other creators can host their work to share it with an audience.

Students: Sharing study materials, assignments or project data becomes hassle-free.

Keep2Share provides multiple payment methods to meet user convenience, such as credit and debit cards as well as various online payment platforms - ensuring users worldwide can take advantage of its services.

Earn money with K2S Affiliate Program

Keep2Share goes beyond file hosting: Users can also take advantage of its robust affiliate program to make money through promotion of Keep2Share, earning commission on every sale they refer and earning a percentage of that sale as their commission.

What alternatives are available to me?

Keep2Share offers an expansive suite of features, while Dropbox, Google Drive, and MediaFire may cater more directly to specific user needs. However, Keep2Share stands out in terms of speed, security, and pricing when compared with competitors like these.

Conclusion - Should You Give Keep2Share A Try?

Absolutely! Keep2Share should be taken seriously whether you're an occasional user or professional seeking secure file hosting solutions. Their dedication to speed, security, user experience and pricing make them one of the top contenders in this field.

Integrate Keep2Share into your digital routine and experience its smooth, efficient, and secure file hosting features.

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