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Naenka is now Nank

We decided to make the change with the intention of simplifying the brand name and making it simple and insightful in order to provide more specialized products and services to Nank customers worldwide.

On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the overseas brand "Naenka", we have decided to carry out a rebranding and unify our global trademarks.

    NEW YORK, NY, November 03, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Nank Acoustic Laboratory was established in June 2011, specializing in research and development in acoustic technology. On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of overseas brand "Naenka", we decided to carry out a rebranding exercise to unify the global trademarks of overseas and Chinese brands to celebrate the fourth anniversary of our overseas division. The unified use of the global trademark will help us to obtain effective legal protection in the global market and increase brand recognition and influence.

We decided to make the change with the intention of simplifying the brand name and making it simple and insightful in order to provide more specialized products and services to Nank customers worldwide.

Founded in 2011, Nank is a joint venture between Andrew Guo and a few good friends. The company first focused on the development and sales of TWS headphones, and then shifted to the bone conduction market. Since the launch of bone conduction headphones, Nank (Naenka) has won the "2019-2020 Shenzhen Gift'', "2022 Red Dot Award" and "2023 MUSE Design Silver Award''. We will continue to work hard in the bone conduction industry, develop and launch more quality products, and continue to work hard to improve human hearing and lead a healthier, safer and cleaner way of hearing!

Where is Nank located?

Nank is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, where Nank office, R&D department and factory are located. Currently we have set up overseas warehouses in the UK and the US to facilitate fast delivery, and we will be opening overseas warehouses in the rest of the countries to try to provide the safest and fastest logistic service to our customers.

What are Nank's authorized sales channels?

Nank currently only in the and Amazon US with sales channels, we also only support these two formal channels of after-sales. Please pay attention to distinguish between safe channels when you want to purchse headphones, to avoid purchasing second-hand products, affecting the warranty service.

Is Nank the same as Naenka?

Naenka and Nank are the same. On September 25, 2023, the two brands underwent a global trademark harmonization, changing from Naenka to Nank. Due to inventory, some models may be sold with a mix of the old and new trademarks, but rest assured that aside from the trademarks and product packaging, the products look and perform the same. Some things have changed at the same time, but they are still the same products and company.

Why did Naenka change to Nank?

We changed the name to make it shorter, more concise and easier to share and remember. So switching from Naenka to Nank means the name is easier to say, remember and share with others.

This move may affect Naenka fans' ability to recognize the product and purchase channels, so we expect to still add the words "Nank (Naenka)" to products and purchase channels for six months to a year after the move to ensure people can recognize it.

What else changed?

All existing branded social media have been changed from Naenka official to Nank Official.
Due to the fact that it takes some time for the global trademark to be unified, there is no change in the domain name and official email address for the time being.


The change of Naenka to the global trademark Nank is a necessary step for the continuation of the development, which only affects the interface of the products with the trademark, the silkscreen on the body, the manuals, the social media, and the people of the company behind it will not change in any way, it will continue to be operated by the same team. The quality of the products remains the same and the design, development and production are still managed by the same company and team of engineers.

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