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Kim Binette Launches Her Debut Book on Building a Strong Foundation for Lasting Love

Preparing For Forever: Using The M.A.R.R.Y Method is designed to support couples in their journey of building a lifelong commitment.

    RAHWAY, NJ, November 04, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In a world filled with countless commitments and choices, one of the most life-altering decisions is embarking on the journey of marriage and lifelong commitment. For many, it is a dream of building a forever type of love that stands the test of time, but it often comes with unexpected challenges and uncertainties. Kim Binette, a certified professional and executive coach (CPEC) with a unique personal perspective on marriage, is set to launch her debut book, "Preparing For Forever: Using The M.A.R.R.Y Method," a couple's coaching companion designed to help individuals and couples create a strong foundation for a lifetime of love and fulfillment.

Kim Binette's journey, marked by the experience of marriage twice, has led her to share her wisdom with the world. Drawing from her own life experiences, Binette's book serves as a valuable tool for couples to complement and enhance the overall preparation and learning experience.

Binette's notion is that many couples enter marriages and long-term relationships with a deep love for each other, presuming the love in and of itself is sufficient to withstand any obstacles they may encounter. However, without the necessary tools and understanding to navigate the various aspects of their union, many marriages and long-term relationships sadly, and often abruptly, end bitterly.

"Marriage and the decision to engage in a lifelong commitment is a significant milestone in life, filled with joys, challenges, and infinite growth opportunities, individually and collectively. Yet, it is also a complex and multifaceted commitment that requires intentional preparation that infuses sustenance," says Binette. "I encourage people to approach this book with an open heart and mind. Engage fully in the exercises, embrace the challenges, and celebrate the discoveries."

Indeed, Binette's book focuses on self-reflection, having meaningful conversations with the partner, and a roadmap for personal and relational growth. The M.A.R.R.Y METHOD will empower people to build a love that lasts forever.

About the Author

Kim Binette is a highly regarded certified professional and executive coach (CPEC) with a remarkable ability to transform lives through her expertise and guidance. As the founder of Elevate Your Life Coaching and Consulting, Kim brings a wealth of experience and a deep personal commitment to her coaching practice.

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